Bara Caleb

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  • July 7, 2009

Woohoo– here’s a piece of artwork featuring the notorious gun-toting, man-machine Anti-Hero known as Caleb Chaos! It’s done by one of my favorite artists, Sarumaru! We wanted to do an art trade some time ago and I had almost forgotten he was working on this! I’m so pleased he did it because I really admire his style. I love that he loves muscles, and I love that he loves nipples, and I love that he isn’t afraid of drawing a big fat penis!

This piece is very indicative of Sarumaru’s style: strong & masculine but with this inherent cuddly softness. And I just looove his boots! (might have to borrow that design for a future issue 😉 )

Sarumaru runs Saru-X, his monster of a blog, frequently updated with sexy, chunky, manly goodness! Thanks, DJ, you’re the best! Now, I’m off to figure out which of his sexy chunky manly characters to draw…

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