Zeke by FMX

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  • October 14, 2009
Fellow gay erotica artist / Twitter pal FMX tweeted that he wanted to draw something but wanted suggestions. I jokingly said “do the Anti-Heroes” (seconded by Adam G) and low and behold, he actually did it!

It has all the characteristics of his men that I love: the chiseled body, the crisp lines, the attention to detail, and those beautiful not-quite anime, but non-quite western eyes! The perfect FMX piece.

But what I heart the most about it is that he really nailed Zeke‘s personality. All too often, most Zeke fan-art is a little effeminate. My fellow artists tend to draw him in a woman’s pose– never as threatening or masculine as the other 2 Anti-Heroes. Granted, I know Zeke’s personality is a little diva-ish… and he does kinda have a chick power (telepathy)… and he does wear all that jewelry– so I see why people WANT to draw him femmy. But it was always my intention to portray him very masc but still very pretty.

I see the pose as imposing and masculine. This is why I thought he’d be a great artist to depict Zeke. I based him on character designs by Hirohiko Araki. He draws very pretty, yet tough-looking men. I see a lot of his style in FMX’s work– sexy masculine, virile men– but rendered with the softness and beauty of a dazzling anime heroine.

THANKS AGAIN, Fallen Messiah! 😉

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