Boom Boom’s Bazongas

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  • April 9, 2010
So I’m working on this drawing at work, which is really bad but fuck it, and the straight guy in the next cubicle goes:

Who’s that? Solar Power Girl?

Me: Haha. Nah, her name’s Boom Boom.

Straight Guy in Next Cubicle: Boom Boom? Why is that her name?

Me: Cuz those are bombs.

Straight Guy in Next Cubicle: Fuck yea they are!

Haha– I had to share that exchange with you guys. I always pictured Boom Boom as very sexy and thought it’d be appropriate to give her double D’s.

For my Tabitha design, I called on a bit of her original look with a dash of her 90’s look, with a pinch of Pris from Bladerunner mixed with Anime-Madonna in the opening sequence of Who’s That Girl.

Personality wise, she always reminded me of my high school barber’s girlfriend D’Neil, who was the most delicious trailer parkiest diva ever. This one’s for you D’Neil, wherever you are. Hopefully it’s not obese and bed ridden surrounded by 8 kids in your mobile home. (I’m goin’ to hell.)

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