Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Teaser Trailer

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  • April 20, 2010

I wish they still drew Morrigan with earrings.

Hell, I wish they still DREW Morrigan.


  • Jubell says:

    I had heard that they would be doing MVC3 and been wondering whether an trailers would be coming out.

    It does make me sad that they're doing the whole…3D thing =/

    I think that 3D stuff is overrated but then again I love sprite art ^^

  • JC says:

    Yea it's a shame it couldn't be 2D.

    But I guess we need to accept that it's dead.

    The thing is, I KNOW they are going to use the Morrigan sprite from Tatsunoko v Capcom and I find that sprite sooooo fucking ugly, it makes me so upset. It's not Morrigan.

  • CHris says:

    That thumbnail looks like they’re doing something else…

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