Shattered Glass

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  • April 17, 2010

I’ve never been a Shatterstar fan. I didn’t like his look; that doofy mask, the asymmetrical costume and that damned hair! A ponytail I understand… but a ponytail AND pigtails!? Overkill. I also didn’t care for his personality. He felt flat and boring and his background felt ripped off of Longshot, another character I never loved.

As a matter of fact, even his gay love storyline with Rictor wasn’t enough to conjure up some iota of caring for me. But I told myself, “Well I’m definitely drawing Rictor… and these two are Marvel’s hottest gay couple right now. Gay comic boys are going to want both.” So, I kinda HAD to draw Shatterstar.

And guess what? Now, I think I like him! I guess I had to see him under my pen. And of course, drawing his cock (on> Members Gallery > Fan-Boy) also helped. So is it arrogance that the only instance of Shatterstar I care for is my own?

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