Darque Knights Return

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  • October 6, 2010

Well, they don’t quite return… more like… debut. My good friend Anthony Gonzales was invited to have another art show at Chi Chiz, a gay bar in NYC. But instead of another solo show, he invited me and some other artists to exhibit!

All of us showing will have a comic-style bent to our work. And we’re all queer pervs, so expect some sexiness. And since Chi Chiz attracts a predominantly black crowd, most of our pieces will celebrate the black male and his beauty.

Each of these 5 drawings will be showing and available for purchase. These are all framed original one of a kind colored pencil and marker drawings on 8×10″ sized craft paper.

You may have seen some of these images in slightly different form on my site or in my books. Well, that’s because they are redos. I take my original sketch of said drawing, and instead of coloring it on the computer like I normally do, I’ll draw over it on brown paper. Bingo, instant original! XD

Wish me luck in selling something! And drop by if you can! Info is below!


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