Keep raping my childhood, guys…

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  • January 25, 2011

I mean, it’ll probably be superbly animated and probably even be written well. But I’m just not too keen on the designs. I miss the form-fitting costumes, Panthro’s wide nose, and Lion-O’s big hair. I mean, I guess they had to completely redesign it or else no one would think any effort went into it. But I’m a fan of “less is more.” Like sometimes a simple look is stronger than something way over-designed. These guys look like the result of a focus group and some lame evil money-grubbing team of art directors.


  • Jubell says:

    What the hell is this bullshit?!

    What did they DO to them?!

    It’s all so…animu…UGH…

  • Jezza says:

    I hate it.
    Completely on board with revising them. Their original costumes are dated, BUT this is just offensive!
    He-Man & The Masters of Universe was revised but they stayed true to the original while making them more modern.

    • JC says:

      Totally agree. I regret not watching more of the new MotU cartoon when it was out, but yea, their designs were updated and most were improved (well, with the exception od Teela and Sorceress.)

      Anyways, with Thundercats, I’m sure it’ll do well because kids now have no idea what the original looked like and if they do, they have no emotional connection to it. “Anime-ized” Thundercats I’m sure will be a hit, if marketed well. Look at those horrible anime-ized Transformers– the ones that look… soft and bendy. That show, for some reason, did well!

      But hey, Jezz– as long as they keep fucking up our favorite cartoons, it gives us more justification to revise them all gay and porny, right!? haha!

  • Paul says:

    I can understand everyone’e resentment, but, like any of the other cartoons I loved as a kid eventually I grow up and have to let go. The originals will always be there so it doesn’t matter to me if they do a remake like this. Let the kids have there fun with a revised version of Thundercats I say. I will agree they proly shoulda gone a little lighter on the anime look, though I have heard a rumor that they did that because the original was actually drawn in Japan. Not sure that’s true considering the whole concept was created by an American, but who knows. Still, Panthro looks more like a gorilla than a panther. I like how they don’t look Japanese, Cheetara actually has cheek bones.

    • JC says:

      Yea the original was animated in Japan. Just look at the credits- all the animators have Japanese names.

      I guess my beef is that the entertainment industry has no new ideas and it keeps taking from 80’s cartoons to come up with new ones, while the originals lay in limbo somewhere totally forgotten.

      Like I said, I’m ok with revising them– I just think the apple fell a little far from the tree. What I appreciated about the original was the attention to accurate anatomy. Each of the Thundercats was built like a proportionate Roman statue- and their spandex costumes accentuated their perfect builds. These new guy are a little too exaggerated, in terms of anatomy and the rag-tag, drap cloth look does nothing to show them off.

      I also have some gripes about Panthro (I don’t understand why he gets the animal nose while everyone else gets the human nose.) I could go on a rant about the subtleties of that being a little offensive- but I’ll wait till it comes out…

  • Paul says:

    Oh yay, I totally agree. I’m just the kinda guy who enjoys things for what they are no matter how removed they are from the source material. Either way, I do have to agree with what ya said. Where I don’t mind them going an anime root it is a rather tired looking style. I mean, we’ve seen it before in countless other shows, I mean you could just say the animators who made Avatar the Last Air Bender made this and I wouldn’t be the least surprised. Those outfits too are rather blah, they say nothing about the characters wearing them. Where Lion-O is at least wearing armor, the others just kinda have those boring outfits you expect of their character build. I don’t even know what’s going on this Cheetara’s shorts and Panthro is like every other giant character we’ve seen before, spikes on him somewhere for no apparent reason.

    But yay, I guess in the end we’ll have to wait and see. Here’s to hoping it turns out alright.

  • Andrew S. says:

    I’d venture rape was the wrong word here but I do agree that there seem to be precious few new ideas that are actually good. Then again, maybe the revamp will be good? Who knows really.

    That said, Panthro & Lion-O were 1000x hotter before.

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