Obama + Uhura

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  • April 5, 2012



  • Dan Glenn says:

    Since Star Trek Nichelle has been working very closely with NASA and other space agencies to promote the exploration of space and to help kids reach for the stars and reach for their dreams. She was encouraged by Dr. Martin Luther King to remain on Star Trek when her dreams were set for the great Broad Way. And she was one half of the very first inter-racial kiss to be aired on US television. Obama, of course, is our first African-American president. This is a great photo.

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    I agree with Dan. When I first saw this I was blown away by the awesome.

    • JC says:

      I met Nichelle at a con once and she was super stand-off-ish. Although, it was around the time of the reboot and I made no secret of my excitement for it. She seemed a lot less enthused.

  • alec grimes says:

    @JC. Prehaps she was stand-off-ish for a reason. Prehaps she was having a bad day. And since it was the reboot, maybe the attention wasn’t on the original cast. I’ve always heard good things about her. You have to remember also, celebrities have big egos. I agree that the AWESOME !

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