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6 Hot New Anthro Men for ya!

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This brings my total up to 60, a nice round number that I wanted to reach before I show at Anthrocon this year. Posting one a day for the last 6 days of March. Please request what sexy manimal you wanna see me tackle next!

New Project Pages Completed!

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Here’s a big betch of figure drawings to announce a new section of the site! In Life Drawing: Models, the brunt of this work, you’ll find the catalog of all the beautiful models I’ve drawn over the years dating back to 2007. And in Life Drawing: OCs and Life Drawing: Fan-Art, you’ll see where I turned the models into other hot characters.

Some of you will be pleased to find out that I’ve UNLOCKED SEVERAL DOZENS of previously members-only drawings! In this somewhat exhaustive redesign of the site, I’ve found that it’s more efficient to just unlock the stuff that I haven’t made teaser images for.

So take a trip down memory lane and see all the gorgeous men and boys I’ve drawn from life and/or turned into even more gorgeous cartoons! And if the spirit moves you, remember that I really like getting comments which you can do at the bottom of each page.

Need a HTML5 or Java or Flash coder for project

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Hi all. So I have a fun game-ish project I’m working on but need someone to figure out the technical stuff. Below is a mockup of the interface.

– User picks from a bunch of images (in this case, the smileys at the top) to fill all 5 of the slots at the bottom.
– User is able to name the scene with an editable text field.
– User can choose a color that affects the smileys chosen, background stripes and text field.
– The top smiley list or pool has to allow for continuous updating by me. Like I should be able to add new ones as time goes on.

If anyone knows a way to implement this for a webpage, please message me. Thanks!!