Boys & Their Butts

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  • May 10, 2013

Some more work from this show season. Only now am I finally catching my breath and relaxing after about 2 months of art shows and talks and expos and a random weekend of family visits (cringe.) Exhausting but I’ve proven to myself that I can be “on” for weeks on end. I was way more used to online interaction when it comes to the sale and promotion of my work. But ever since my talk at my book signing, I’m loving talking to the public, face to face, about my dirty little drawings of dicks and balls and anuses.

In San Fran right now and was tickled to see my book, Tongue in Cheek at a big store here. Another store had those greeting cards I did ages ago, but that no longer excites me since I’ve seen them everywhere (and the company still owes me money, goddamit.) Oh, also my good friend is on her honeymoon in Paris right now and saw my book there! It’s really great seeing it on shelves so I’ve taken to collecting photos of it on shelves in different stores in different cities. If any of youze see it, take a pic! (Oh, I guess you can send pics of those damn greeting cards too, although seeing them in so many places is bittersweet cuz that company is shiesty.)

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