Are You Done Yet?

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  • January 17, 2017

In my universe, even sexy antho beast-men need quick cash and pose for horny artists! Uproar the lion, holding his lost hardon up with his thumb, is impatient and ready for the posing to be over.

Meanwhile, Ruffhouse the hippo poses his ass off proudly boasting his stiff chode.

Meanwhile still, it’s about time to unlock Uproar’s original nude version since we’ve seen his… uh, lower mane… every other time!

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  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Dayum! I am loving Uproar even more now than I did already, haha! ^_^; Kinda makes me wish I could be one of his teammates so we could have a little fun in the locker room, lol. Now I’m gonna be thinking about which of his teammates I’d most like to see him with, lol! 🙂

    • JC says:

      Ha thanks, buddy! I totally have a locker room drawing featuring him in the works! I’d love to hear who you see with Mr. Mighty Mane! haha

  • YinToYang says:

    Love me some sexy Ruffhouse! And just some sexy ballers in general 🙂 can’t wait to see what you post next here 🙂

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