From a drawing model who purposefully gave me poses to work with for my artistic aesthetic. Great way to explore some of my OCs like The Business, a big creepy anthro spider bear with the look of playfully terrifying domination in his many eyes. Also finally unlocking the original drawing of this guy here on my Patreon blog. Please support if you approve!


  • YinToYang says:

    Loving this! Can’t wait to see who you draw next of the ballers! 🙂 I gotta email ya in the near future buddy! We need to catch up when we have the chance! 🙂

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Wow, it must have taken forEVER to draw all that hair. 😮 🙂 Is it weird that the more I stare at him, the more I think he’s… adorable? lol. 🙂 Terrifying and dominant, yes… but adorable, hahaha. Such an interesting and cool character design. 🙂

    • JC says:

      hehe, I got a trick for the hair! 😉 (Still takes a ling time though– haha) Glad you find him interesting in terms of design! I generally tend to think I kinda have an edge there as an artist. And what you’re saying about him being adorable reminds me of what Jiraya said recently on his tour. That basically the bigger and scarier he makes a character, the cuter that character becomes in his eyes. I totally do the same thing– this sorta unconscious softening of a big threatening character. Thanks for commenting as always, buddy!

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