6 More Makes 50!

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  • May 29, 2017

With this latest group of Ballers, the total number of sexy manimals in this project is now 50, a nice round plump number! Check out the naked versions of these 6 new dudes exclusively here on my Patreon page!

Deluxe (2017)
As you’d expect, Deluxe’s plumage dazzles the pants off most of the dudes in the league. Phallic feathers were more fun to design than I ever realized! Also, if it feels like his wing color may be out of place, we call back to it in his genitalia!



Gnaw (2017)
My caveman catman is genetically related to T-Bone with a color scheme borrowed from Mr. Creed. Bigger hole than I usually draw… I guess he’s gettin’ it from the other giant studs in this prehistoric faction pretty often!



Lulu (2017)
Hung fatter than any of the other twinks in this series so far, Lulu, the loner is unaware that most of the league is hot for him. But none of these big beastly Ballers actually has the balls to overcome their fear of an accidental orgasm spray.



Mallet (2017)
Shark entrant number two, wait’ll you see his dick. It’s very… themed.



Beatdown (2017)
I imagine this guy will get into trouble for flagrantly fowling anyone is his bloomin way. He’s an aggressor to watch out for, from his powerful legs and tail to his drastically curvy dick!



Rexplosion (2017)
After a ton of fail sketches, I was almost ready to give up on everyone’s favorite tyrant of the Jurassic! But then I found a killer pose from life drawing, and just kept bulging up those legs until he finally started working! Naked version’s dick is as scary as you’d expect– check it out on Patreon exclusively!


  • YinToYang says:

    I just got weak in the fucking knees seeing the hotness that is REXPLOSION(he’s so epic his name will always be in capital letters from now on)

    Dudeeeeeeeee you fucking kicked ass with these six new ballers! Way to go all out with all them in different ways! I honestly want to bend over for REXPLOSION! His baller outfit is now my new phone wallpaper 😀

    Howve things been treating ya bud? Congrats on hitting the 50 ballers mark by the way. Definitely will say besides the obvious REXPLOSION…I’d say Mallet and Gnaw are also guys I’d love to have fun with! But design wise I’m seriously impressed with Deluxe and those phallic feathers of his!

    Hope to hear from you soon JC!
    Love Yin! <3

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Another awesome batch of Ballers, JC!! Lulu is adorable! *-* Fantastic job on Deluxe too! Those feathers are amazing, haha! ^_^ <3

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