Sexy Pterrible Thunder Lizard Bird Man

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  • March 26, 2018

I’m really feeling how drastically I distorted this original reference pose for my latest dino-man! In the naked version on my Patreon, Pturby’s dick points in the direction he’s flying!


  • Yintoyang says:

    I’m loving this one! Especially love the Pink Power Ranger motif In his socks and colour scheme? Does this mean when you make a triceratops baller he’ll be buff, nerdy, and blue? 🙂

    • JC says:

      hehe! As much as I’d love to shout out my favorite gay ranger, I’m pretty well set on a bright orange Triceratops. I have the color schemes thought out for each of the coming dinos… one will be blueish… Thanks for commenting, bud!

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