Genero and Spermor

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  • November 7, 2019

Meet the stars of ManUp, another imaginary Anti-Heroes video game. Protagonist Genero is customizable in 3 different shades and 3 body types: Roidy, Twinky and Chubby. So players can easily picture themselves in Genero’s inevitable sexnanigans.

He is genetically engineered from the DNA of the most powerful Anti-Heroes to be the ultimate weapon against them. But Genero’s plan to fuck instead of fight his horny fore-fathers prompts another creation! Spermor, the arch enemy is a creature that takes male DNA to a new level.

Lookout for several action pieces with Genero but for now, enjoy his reference sheet here ( showing his Beat-Em-Up inspired outfit as well as naked and boned up versions! Spermor is already naked but his boned version is impressive and I guess retractable.


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    I’d love to play an Anti-Heroes video game! At first I thought Genero had limited shapeshifting abilities and was kinda turned on by the idea of him having that much control over his body shape and appearance, lol. I think I equally love the idea of allowing the player to choose his appearance in order to be able to slip into his shoes more easily though! 🙂 But OMG, Spermor is giving me some major DBZ Cell saga Frieza vibes, in the best of possible ways. <3

    • JC says:

      Heu bud- sorry for the late reply. Yea, I’ve been drawing potential game art featuring Genero for several years now. At one point he had something like 20 hairstyles, a 4th skin color and tons of clothes options in some other drawings in my house. I begrudgingly realized I had to cut the level of customization down but a cool side effect of that was Genero becoming a sorta unique character. The eyes and short magenta crewcut make him distinct but also visually call back to his cousin. And oh yes is Spermor meant to call back to Frieza! Still think he’s the coolest designed DBZ character ever!

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