Skipping #’s 75 thru 82 for now cuz it was important this guy reference the number 3, from his name and number to his bling!

Included sketch cuz it’s from a gesture drawing and no one ever does anything with their crappy gesture drawings but I finally tried and succeeded! Also included this pencil progress step to show how I tend to run out of room on the page and am then forced to just scan and work digital. Would have been nice to have this on paper though!

And finally a grouping of all the dinosaur dudes so far. Really dig how they look together but still want to add a chubby stegosaurus and a twinky raptor maybe with feathers! X-versions of the erection and group shot on Patreon here:


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Awesome! I love the jewelry, the threes, and of course… that foreskin, haha. He fleshes out your dino guys nicely! 🙂

    • JC says:

      Thanks bud! Wanted him to stand out but still fit in well with his dino bros. Seeing them all together feels like they could be part of a 90s cartoon- lol.

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