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Like Father Like Son

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“Dad’s always letting that shameless villain Anaconda get the better of him! I know he told me to keep out of this, but I have to help! Moral Boy must prove that I’m as worthy of this costume Mr. Moral! My morals are just as strong as my his!

Ooh, but Anaconda is so damned sexy… those bulging chocolate pecs… those rippling washboard abs… and that beautiful massive fuckstick! Oh no, I’ve fallen into the same trap as Dad! Anaconda will once again have his way and spill two generations of Moral seed at once!”

Commissioned Piece. Enjoy!

At The Movies

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Our favorite gay cock craving politician has finally gotten her intern, Jamal on a date! And while she marvels at the hackneyed antics of Jennifer Anniston on the screen, Jamal marvels at the thick unit on the hot boy next to him. Commissioned piece. Enjoy!

X-Ray Moves!

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Today you guys have special x-ray vision for my two latest commissioned pieces starring Anaconda and his followers!

See how deep Anaconda’s stiff dick burrows inside Moral Boy’s wrecked guts!

Marvel at how far down Tyrone can swallow cutie Jamal’s monster member!

(Yea, I know, I’m sick. But hey, the ideas and characters aren’t mine– so I had help!)

The Arrangement

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In this latest of the raunch-tastic series of Jamal commissions, we find that the kid’s duties as a political intern are quite varied. But as you can see, he seems to be well compensated for his time. 🙂

Different media than usual here– ink wash with digitally manipulated color. See, how I like to switch it up?
That’s why YOU should be commissioning me! Rates are negotiable. Support struggling pr0n artists so we don’t have to be like Jamal and solicit the nearest desperate politician!

(Although, if it was Weiner, I’d do it for free!)

(Oh wait, I should clarify… by do it for free, I mean Weiner, himself. Not a commissioned drawing of Weiner.
That I’d have to charge for. Sorry.)

Poolside Mystery

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“Now where is that idiot boyfriend of mine? I swear, if I find him somewhere sucking another dick, it’s over!”

LOL. So here’s a new chapter in the saga of Jamal and his raunchy escapades, commissioned by the same client as all the others. It was a little difficult, coming up with the composition, but I’m super glad with how it came out!

And a bonus is that I got to use the flowers I drew for a dead-end freelance project from over 5 years ago! I was hired to come up with the logo for TLC Spring Water (don’t ask) and amid the scattered, unfocused direction was a note to try something like Fiji’s logo with the flower. I worked hard on this crap but ultimately realized it was too much busy work under no real contract. Thusly, I never got paid for my contribution. What’s worse, they’re actually using some of my ideas for the logo on the actual product! But I don’t really care– that was ages ago. And again, I got to use my perdy flowers in a pr0n drawing, so I’m happy! 🙂