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Ropes on Ropes

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In Merman Vs. Beastman and Beastman Steps Out, Beastman is dumb, super hung, and very very very full of cum. He and Merman’s wrestle-fuck sessions end with Merman milking the brute, triggering the hairy, virile fucker’s explosive, several-minutes-long orgasms, causing gallons of Beast-spunk to coat the ring!

The author, Powerplayer and I share a love of big heavy nuts and cum geysers. Powerplayer got this as a reward for pledging at the highest level on my Patreon campaign! Maybe your free commission will cum next!

Spotlight On: Bodge

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2nd Character in my erotic Supreme Dominion revival: Bodge. Bodge was the victim of torture by humans in his childhood. The experience has warped his mind and made him slightly insane. He has a hair-trigger temper and goes berserk when confronted with humans. Young and impetuous, Bodge constantly finds himself chastised by Igdon. He looks up to Feega even though she manipulates him but has absolutely no respect for her half-human son, Keth. Whenever Igdon and Feega are not around, Bodge starts trouble with Keth.

This guy was always one of my personal favorites in the series. I didn’t draw him enough. Rollover for his ogre-dick.