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Poolside Mystery

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“Now where is that idiot boyfriend of mine? I swear, if I find him somewhere sucking another dick, it’s over!”

LOL. So here’s a new chapter in the saga of Jamal and his raunchy escapades, commissioned by the same client as all the others. It was a little difficult, coming up with the composition, but I’m super glad with how it came out!

And a bonus is that I got to use the flowers I drew for a dead-end freelance project from over 5 years ago! I was hired to come up with the logo for TLC Spring Water (don’t ask) and amid the scattered, unfocused direction was a note to try something like Fiji’s logo with the flower. I worked hard on this crap but ultimately realized it was too much busy work under no real contract. Thusly, I never got paid for my contribution. What’s worse, they’re actually using some of my ideas for the logo on the actual product! But I don’t really care– that was ages ago. And again, I got to use my perdy flowers in a pr0n drawing, so I’m happy! 🙂

Mister Moral’s DP

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Another installment in this series of commissions starring the client’s character, the sexually villainous Anaconda, his arch nemesis’ piggy husband Mr. Moral, and his would-be protégé Jamal. Was very pleased to see Mr. Moral return for another helping of Anaconda’s man-meat, but who knew he’d be in for a
double dose of dick with the inclusion of the sidekick! hehe!

Jamal Solo

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Once again, here’s Jamal, the adorable horse hung geek
from my latest series of commissions featuring ANACONDA.
This is the first piece to actually NOT feature Anaconda, as Jamal has become quite popular!

Decided to try my hand at colored pencil again, thinking that it may save time on coloring. WRONG. But iat least it came out nice, don’t you think?

Anaconda’s Adventures (Part 3)

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A cute young quarterback kneels in the last stall of a men’s restroom at the local university. Soon, he is rewarded for his patience when a gargantuan cock snakes through the glory hole and into his mouth.

The epic-sized member belongs to the super-hero/ villain Anaconda! And just as our college stud
gulps down pints of Anaconda’s dick snot, pumping his own meat to a monumental orgasm, who should burst onto the scene but Mrs. Moral!

She is determined to stop the Anaconda from converting any more men to his sinister cause, but having underestimated his powers, she fails and is thusly ravaged, herself!

Another chapter is a series of commissions, originally, Mrs. Moral was to be out cold. But I wanted to give her a fighting chance, even though we all know where this is ultimately going!

Anaconda’s Adventures (Part 2)

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So, as promised, here’s part 2 in the Moral Americans vs. Anaconda saga! Mrs. Moral comes home after a long day fighting for values (with her perpetually erect nipples) only to discover her husband, Mr. Moral with his legs spread wide open for their arch-nemesis Anaconda’s enormous man-meat!

This commission was great because it allowed me to draw PENETRATION, something I don’t do often enough! I so enjoy drawing a huge cock stretching a tight little hole! And weirdly enough, a strange aspect of this is that I’ve discovered is that I really enjoy depicting taint

Anaconda’s Adventures (Part 1)

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This next series of illustrations are commissions featuring characters created by the client and visualized by moi.

Meet Mrs. and Mr. Moral American, a married superhero couple that fights for their vision of traditional American values. Now meet the Anaconda, a super “villain” who, with his scandalous costume and namesake sized penis, fights for getting laid.

This commission allowed me to do one of my favorite things: design new characters! For me, constantly drawing new characters is almost equivalent to the excitement you guys get from sleeping with new people! LOL

The Morals were fun to design albeit just a little challenging. There’s no shortage of patriotic themed heroes (the Captain America family as well as my old All-American commissions from a few years back.) Those characters served as reference points to design the Morals, taking care not to repeat anything that’d already been seen. The waspy scarves are my favorite aspect, as I think they really round out these characters’ American “wholesomeness.” hehe.

With the Anaconda, I had difficulty coming up with his look because his name and theme hadn’t quite come about until mid-design. He was always supposed to be black and have a huge cock, and then, I guess somewhere along the way, the analogy of the snake was made. I was the perfect jump-off point and from then on, he kinda designed himself! My favorite aspect of this guy is his snakeskin pants- which take forever to do, but I’m really pleased with how they come out.

These three characters take on a cool socio-political undertone which very much hypes me up to do illustrations of them. (Of course, that they’re two sexy studs and a kick-ass diva doesn’t hurt, but wait till you see the other pieces I’ve done with them and where the client takes them. I guarantee you’ll be tickled and titillated!