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Bucky in Repose

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So I had these two sketches from the same life drawing sesh that were virtually identical but different enough to build them up and make them a series. You saw Falcon a few weeks ago– now here’s his new partner!
X-Version ( has my current favorite cock drawing (uncut cuz he’s kinda Euro nowadays!)


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So I’ve been following this kid, Jeremy Feist on Twitter since the thing started, and am thoroughly entertained whenever I read his tweets. I don’t remember why I started following but he’d post racy pics of himself and I replied once “wow, you’re a bit of an exhibitionist, huh?” He’s like, “yea something like that!” That was when it finally dawned on me- oh shit, this guy’s a porn star!

So yeah, in addition to being funny, dishing out the best celeb commentary out there, he’s also really hot and… um… makes for very good movie watchin’! If you get my drift… ahem. πŸ˜‰ So this illustration is a gift for giving me a reason to stay on Twitter– haha. Follow him @JeremyFeistXXX and on his pr0n website .

Oh, The Drama!

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Meet Jeremiah, Preston, and Davis, main characters of the web series Drama Queenz!

It’s a comedy about 3 struggling actors in NYC. I recently offered to caricature these guys after seeing them at a Pride parade and I really liked how they turned out!

Here’s an episode of the show, if you got a little time to kill. Pretty funny– I recommend!


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Hey gang! Just thought I’d share this sexy doodle I did for the guy that wrote that article on me. I usually don’t do caricatures, but Alan was an exception because he is a pretty attractive dude! I can’t tell you how many awkward conversations I’ve had with ugmos about how a caricature I’ve drawn doesn’t resemble them. GAH!

Take a tour of his site and once your done perusing his pics, read some of his writings. I am a fan of the gay virginity story…