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Question For U, My Friends

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I am working on presenting my work as a whole to different organizations. What word or theme do you think most describes my body of work? I’ve been told everything from “Naughty Disney” to “Raunchy Capcom.” But I want a description that doesn’t reference some other company.

I use “Anti-Heroes” to describe not only my primary crop of characters but also as a description for ALL of them and for my work in general. They’re all a bit naughty, a bit snarky, and kinda contrast with what we all generally think a superhero should do… But I have trouble finding the right words to describe this notion. What am I forgetting? Wordsmiths unite! PLEASE!

Shameless Solicitation

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Sooo, my BIRTHDAY is coming up January 8th. I’ll be 29! It’ll be the LAST YEAR of my 20’s!!! I’m a little freaked by this so feel free to send me my favorite BIRTHDAY present of all– FAN-ART!