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My Old Blog Has Been EMANCIPATED!

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Hooray! After 14 days, Google has deemed my Blogspot address NOT SPAM allowing me to access it again! WOOT! Unfortunately for them, I’ve already fallen in love with WordPress and started this NEW BLOG which I’ve put a ton of work into. But, now that my old Blogger URL is accessible again, I can redirect anyone who goes there… to HERE! Awse Sauce!

I am sorry to see Blogger go though. I will miss the “Follow” feature and it really feels like I’m turning my back on a whole community. BUT this blog has all the old features of my old one, looks cooler and has a better address. And let’s not forget, I no longer have to live in fear of being randomly deleted for 14 days again!

The Old Posts

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Last month, I randomly exported my Blogger posts and imported them into a new blog on Blogspot. It was just a test to see if I could get it to work. Who knew that act would  kinda save my ass now that Google closed my original blog?! Yes, my original posts and URL are locked to me, but that random duplicate blog still lives and I have been able to export those posts into this WordPress blog!

Now, keep in mind, WordPress doesn’t interpret these posts as accurately as I’d like. For instance, some of the formatting is broken and the rollovers don’t work. I’m also missing the 4 or 5 posts that happened between July 12 and now. But I thought it was important to have at least some aspect of my 4 years of blogging on this new site.

So the tag for these will be “Wonky Old Blogger Posts” because I have no qualms disparaging Google. Every day since their fuckup, I’ve thought of a new insult or hateful remark towards them. For instance, the bastards responsible for my original blog destruction can go rim a camel’s asshole after a diarrhea.

UPDATE 08-19-10: Man do I love WordPress. So, an updated Blogger Importer plugin was released and it works like MAGIC. All my rollovers, videos and comments now show. Formatting is still a little wonky, but not so bad that I need a tag for it. So ignore the above paragraph and enjoy my old posts
in their full glory!