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  • November 19, 2006
Ok, so I used to kinda always tell myself I’d never do a blog. The reason for this being that since I already had my own website, I could just say whatever the hell I wanted to say on it– just like a blog. BUT… I’ve come to realize that my site (though robust as it is) doesn’t readily offer some of the features I like about blogs.
One of those features is the ability for others to comment on posts. This is actually what I loved about Y!Gallery. It was awesome to post something– be it a drawing, poll, or just random thought, and have people who know and support me comment on it! I really thrive on feedback about my work, so it was great to get it pretty much whenever I wanted. Not only did it educate me as to what people really wanted to see in my work, but it also motivated me to just do more and more! I mean, you’ll notice the increase in work around the time I really started to get into Y!Gallery.

However, as most of you know, I’ve left Y!Gallery. There were two reasons for this mostly. The first was that I thought their rules and the enforcing of them was too vague and arbitrary. The second was that I thought that if I spoke my mind about anything I disagreed with, I’d be suspended or banned. And I really didn’t want anything like that to happen to me– not because I’d miss out on participation or anything. More because I was afraid of what I’d do in retaliation. I have a vindictive side– most people don’t see it. But if they’d pushed me, they’d have found their computers hijacked with viruses and spam galore. So I thought it was best that I just remove myself from the situation before it escalated.

I still want to find a forum like Y! but for now, I’m going to see what this bloggin’ thing is all about. If I get a similar response to what I got from the friendly Y! users, then I’ll post sketches, finished drawing, whatever! Feel free to comment. Tell me what you like, and what you want to see.

To get the ball rolling, I’m posting this new character. His name is Marq and he is the protagonist in a new series I’m working on called “Persuasions.” It’s themed like a soap opera– only sexy and gay! Marq is a sweet, straight-laced school teacher who’s married but carries on an affair with Preston, the bad-boy anti-hero of the series.


  • animucle says:

    Holy crap!!! You got me to comment on a blog!! At least it’s sexy, very sexy indeed. You’re right, more communication and exchange of ideas is needed. At least people’s point of view will be understood.

  • Rob says:

    Greetings from Y!
    It’s sad that things didn’t work out that well there but at least everyone can still catch your art. Hope to see new sketches and the like here. I’ll definitely leave comments for you to read. So just to prove it here’s my first one: Why couldn’t teachers look like that when I went to school?! I damn sure would’ve studied “harder”;) Best of luck to you and don’t forget to visit your fans, at lest the ones who can draw, over on Y!

  • JC says:

    Hey, animuscle! Communication is definetely supported here. Unless someone says something like “draw more nagas!”

    And Rob, yeah, you’ll be seein’ more sketches. You know, I actually DID have a teacher in HS who looked a little like my character Marq. Well– he wasn’t a teacher– more like the school’s computer specialist / network guy. He was so hot. One time, I set Callisto from Xena as my desktop BG on my computer and he was like “You have to change that. It’s offensive.” So then I was like, “OK, then I’ll change it to Kevin Sorbo (Hercules)” and he just turned red and laughed.

    AND THEN– like 5 years later, I see him on the train in Manhattan acting all cozy with some other dude! I wonder if he was queer…? I was happy though– he recognized me.

    Thanx for commenting.

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    JC! I’m so happy to see you starting a blog! I love this kind of communication with you, since it’s so much fun to give you feedback on your work. Marq has this unbelievably hunky look that seriously makes me “hot for teacher”. I especially love the expression on his face that combines the wholesomeness of a teacher with a touch of seduction. His chest hair is absolutely perfect (*drools*) and his nipples are to-die-for.

    I love your story about the high school teacher/network guy. SO FUNNY! I always kinda had a thing for Kevin Sorbo, since he had such a nicely hairy physique. What a kick it must have been to have those experiences with him! Reminds me of this hot teacher I had in math one year, but sadly he was married and probably anything but gay.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping us updated on your new work! The soap opera idea is really fun, and I wish there was an “Adult Swim” that was adult enough to show an animated version of it on tv. I’d watch it religiously. On a side note, I find it immensely satisfying to imagine you bringing Y!Gallery with viruses and spam. *sighs contentedly* Now… DRAW MORE NAGAS (and tiny-dicked, skinny little bishie boys)! [NOT!]

  • Epocholyte says:

    Though it is disheartening to see you away from Y!, I must admit there isn’t much avenue or other sites anymore which could provide what Y! did much early on (before gallery even!).

    I think Marq is a hot hairy blonde and with such hunky sensitive features =^.^=, altho’ there is little I can say without others going into more scintillating details already.

    There is a question I have:
    How do you do your artwork – the one like the japanese sites where you click on the image to get a more raunchy version?
    Do you trace draw two images / ddraw the raunchy one first than the cleaner clothes on top using a layer? Flash / Photoshop or otherwise 😀 ?

  • SeraphiceAngel says:

    hey a blog I actually plan on reading, kudos to you man. Love the new character btw, very hot.

  • Ingonyama says:

    Hey, Ingonyama (‘Yama for short) from Y!Gallery here.

    You’ve still got one sweet style. I love the new teacher.

    And I loved Kevin Sorbo as Hercules too. (though not as much as the late Kevin Smith as Ares…Mmmm, hunky dark snarky bad guy!)

  • Dustdevil Comics says:

    Good to know that you’re still around. I really enjoy your work. I look forward to more.

  • Patrick says:

    Hey JC…

    It is so great to find that you have a Blog! I totally understand your need for a forun where you can actually speak your mind without fear of being suspended or banned. Good for you my friend! I think you will find that Blogging can be a great way to have immediate contact with your friends and fans in a positive and rewarding way.

    Well, no surprise here, but I LOVE Marq…and Preston is also way hot! I am really looking forward to your new series, since, as you know, I am a HUGE fan of your stuff!
    When do you think it will be ready for us to buy?!?! Needless to say, I am dying to see it! 😉

    Also I wanted to tell you that the way you colored Marq’s shirt is really cool! It turned out beautifully! Great pattern work!

    I am also curious… how is Anti-Heroes #3 coming along? Looking forward to that as well!

    Great work, dude! Can’t wait to see more!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick OXOXO

  • Mr. M. says:

    Hey JC,

    Nice to see you finally Blogged yourself. They can be heaps of fun when you have the time to work on them, something I have been meaning to do to mine but I have taken on 6 major contracts in the past week and will be totally flat out for the next 18 months promoting several major dance parties, working with a writer to complete a screenplay I have been working on and hopefully going into pre production in the next 6 months (fingers crossed)and could even have to pack up and be working from New York and L.A, for several months next year! Maybe I’ll get some time during Christmas next year to scratch my backside!

    But onto the subject of Marq! He’s a cutie!! He actually reminds a lot of a lifesaver I know off who works on Bondi Beach in Sydney, he has a reputation for saving drowning queens who are only knee deep in water and he’s the only lifesaver I know off who’s wee wee doesn’t shrivel up and shrink in cold water!

    Anyway, great job, looking forward to seeing more. BTW, how did you go finding the Physique Pictorial book you were looking out for? And I think it would be a great idea to have a collaboration of several artists to put together an imaginary “Physique Pictorial” with their own works, maybe that’s a cool side project that you and I can work on if you like, drop me a line a let me know what you think.

    Time to scoot, it’s only 6.15 am here in Sydney and it’s already almost 30 degrees (not sure what that works out in your neck of the woods.) Fuck, I love Summer!


  • Gavin says:

    Good to see you on here, yet another to use my “only for comments” account on other than Patricks boytoons.

    Im glad I have another outlet to see your art in. You should post your newer stuff here, it would be amazing to see it 😀

  • JC says:

    YAY! Responses to my post! Yall have made me happier than a perv in a porno store! I only wish I could respnd to each comment in a separate post thingy. Ah well– I’ll take a cue from Patrick over at Boytoons Magazine and just respond to each post in a new paragraph:

    Dreamerboy6- Thanks for findin’ me man– I enjoyed talking to u on Y. LOL @ the nagas comment. I’m definetely going to stick some private naga joke somewhere in my work, sometime down the road. Oh and thanks for the compliment on Marq’s nips. I purposefully pointed them down for variety. My partner saw it and was like– “oh you made a weird mistake on the nipples.” And I was like– nah man, it’s supposed to be like that!

    Epocholyte- To answer your question, yeah I usually just trace my original naked image and then draw clothes over it. I mean, I draw all my figures naked anyway to get their anatomy right. Clothes always come 2nd.

    To trace, I use a variety of differnt tools. I have a lightbox, which comes in really handy. Also, sometimes, I just break out the tracing paper. And even sometimes, I’ll go to the window when it’s daytime out and use that as a lightbox to trace! haha. And yeah, Photoshop comes in handy when I want to line things up so that the transition is seemless. Thanks for asking.

    seraphiceangel, one of my first friends from y!thanks for coming over!

    Yama- Hey man. (*picturing your Y! icon. Who was that character anyway?) Yeah, that dude who played Ares was pretty hot. I had no idea he passed. Very sad. I also had a thing for the guy that layed cupid/ceasar too. And then when I recognized him in LotR and Doom, my partner laughed at me for recognizing a Xena actor.

    Dustdevil, I just looked at that Bishonen comic on your site for the 1st time just now. Had me rollin.

    Hey Patrick. Thanks for commenting– I hope blogging will be fun. I’m still a little worried scary people might come and flame me even on my blog— but what the hell. Cant live your life in fear.

    Anti-Heroes #3 is penciled and collecting dust on my desk waiting for me to knuckle down and ink it. *blushes. I’m not lazy– just don’t have enough hours in the day. Well, that and I’m a tinge lazy. 🙂

    I don’t know what I wanna do with the other series– whether I want it to be an online thing or what. Right now, it’s still in the character design and writing phase, so we’ll see, I guess.

    Yo Manny. Um, yeah it’s definetely not summer in NYC. It’s friggin’ cold and I hate it. My partner just bought a new winter coat and I cringed when I saw it. He thinks it’s becasue it’s ugly. But it’s more because I don’t like being reminded that winter is here. Booo.

    Take pictures of the hot lifeguard!! Does he have chest hair like my char? All the lifeguards here shave it all off.

    I actually couldn’t find the Physique Pictoral book. I might go on and buy it online but I really wanted to thumb thru it b4 buying. There’s actually a Taschen store opening up right by my BF’s job– so maybe I’ll wait and see if they have it when it opens.

    You sound super busy but if we can find the time, we should look into the idea of that fictional Physique Pictoral. (whew– try saying that 3 times fast!) Maybe it could be in the form of a blog where diff artists post their images of the ideal bod. I dunno– just running ideas by you. Hey, when you’re in NYC next year, drop me a line. We’ll hang out.

    Gavin, I’ll most likely be posting stuff here 1st, just becasue it’s so much easier than updating my site. Yay– now I’m all motivated to draw– but it’s 11:30 and I think lover wants some attention. Ta ta for now, guys!

  • Epocholyte says:

    — oer …
    FYI: I’m Aikuchi on Y! :p

  • Mr. M. says:

    Hey J.C.

    Try amazon or look up taschen online.

    If you have any problems trying to find it send me an email via the link in my blog and I will help track one down for you.


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Oh my gourd… that’s so funny that you liked Cupid too. He was SO hot. I’m surprised your partner would think there was something wrong with Marq’s nipples. Downward-pointing nipples really aren’t that uncommon, especially on extremely muscular guys. Hahah, I can’t wait to see the private naga joke somewhere down the road. That’ll be great. 🙂

  • Ractus the rat says:

    Y! is in the past. Let’s leave the unpleasantries in the closet, way behind Kylie Minogue “I should be so lucky” LP.

    I was planning to send you an e-mail to comment on a pic that you posted on your site. (Birdboy/batboy?)

    But I kinda hesistated. I’m not good at giving at technical art commentry because I’m not an artist. I’m just a wannabe that is still learning how to draw a human nose.

    Still, if its encouragement that you want, that is I can give. You draw wonderful sexy men. I’ve loved every piece that you have done and I really do want to see more!

    Marq is hot regardless of the downward nipples (small details in comparison). He even looks good in clothes!

    Preston and Marq is going to be a good match.

    Keep it up and continue on!


  • JC says:

    Hey Ractus. I just YouTubed that Kylie video and LOVED it! (80s pop is my favorite music genre.) I still get your analogy though– hehe.

    You’re right about the downward nipples thing. My BF hates that on guys. In truth, it’s not something I go wild over either– but I knew in a drawing, it’d be hotter than in real life. heh heh. Thanks for the accolades and for commenting.

  • endane says:

    hey hi, its super cool, damn, i visit the site all the time, i want to order the books, but i cant right now, lol -_-.
    its been time since i created my own characters for a book am writing, but to say the thruth, i have been spending more time tryig to draw them in hentai but i have problems, i would like to learn your style, its the best hentai i have ever seen, really, in style and everything, can u show me a few trycks? email me please

  • Ractus the rat says:

    When I was really little, I copied the scene when Kylie is in the bath blowing the bubbles out of her hand.

    *pauses* I was a camp kid..

    I couldn’t do the cross eyed bit. :shrug: It must have been a natural gift for her.

  • Kristophe says:

    Crimmey! This is the second blog I’ve ever been on, after Patrick’s and I’m not so sure I get the hang of it yet. We’ll see.

    Nice to see you up and about, and this blog idea of yours is a great one! (If you don’t mind, we’ll borrow your idea for our website, as well.) I agree that it is nice to get direct feedback and have discourse with those who appreciate our art, and there is much to appreciate about that which you create. (You will notice, our teachers are nowhere near as hunky…. monks being what they are, and all.) Anyhow, DDM and I offer our congrats on your new blog, and when we get up and open, stop by and see ours.


    KJ & DDM

  • duaL says:

    u rock…ur the best and u know it! kip it up…!

  • Endane says:

    haha, what is the url of the video in youtube?

  • Adam G says:

    Endane, you can find the video here


  • animuscle says:

    Dude!! How can you not like winter in NYC? I need to take the train in to see the tree at Rockafeller center. It’s from CT this year so i’ve got that state pride running through me. The only time NYC is bad during the winter is watching the ball drop in person. I’m 0 for 3, but one of the years damnit, one of these years!!

  • JC's BF says:

    Bored and actually reading JC’s blog, only now. I guess that makes me a bad boyfriend. It’s just that JC doesn’t ever shove things in my face, well… I mean his work. I’ll check his website every so often, and there’d be some new piece he’s been working on secretly.

    I’m amazed at all the positive feedback. Thanks for motivating him!

    Whenever I crit his work, it’s usually “that shoe looks weird.” “that wouldn’t bend that way.” or “ew, I don’t think cum does that!!”

    But secretly I think his work is really hot. It def. pressures me to hit the weights.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Endane says:

    Hey, lol, maybe i can lend u some of my characters, many people say the would look very well naked, so it would benefit your page! lol, but as u wish, if u want say it and tell me where to give them to u!

  • JC says:

    Hiya, Kristophe. Thanks for the shoutout on your blog. I left you a howdy on there.

    Endane, thanks for commenting, but I really shouldn’t be telling minors how to draw Hentai nor technically should you be perusing my site. Hit me up when u turn 18 though.

    Dude, NYC in the winter is the wost! The snow is all gray and the stores are all swamped and the tourists are all out in abundance. I become such a hermit at wintertime. Luckily, I have entire seasons of some of my fave shows to tide me over till it starts getting warm (Golden Girls season 7, Ducktales vol. 2, Simpsons season 8) Good times, good times.

    Aw and look at this, mr. man commented on my blog! See, I was gone for a while over Thanksgiving and I’m sure he was BORED! haha. No psyke, he did it to surprise me when I came home becasue he knew I wouldn’t have internet access. THANKS POOKIE! Now finish my CG Caleb!

  • Endane says:

    dude, i’ll turn 18 on january 3 -_- when i said people considered me as mature for my age, i mean like a complete adult, like iof i had children and all, well, thats not the case, all i need is lessons to draw bodies

  • Endane says:

    dude, all i need to know is how to draw bodies, thats my only problem

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