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I Can’t Stop

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So Tirade has a bit of history. This guy says he wants a mascot design for a gay football team: The Chelsea Cocks. So I give him this sketch and he’s not happy with it, saying “It just looks like a guy in a chicken suit.” (um… duh, that’s what cock mascot would look like, dumbass.) He says he needs it to be “masculine; like a real football mascot” so I ask him to pull reference for me and he sends me a team logo with a cartoon hawk’s head in profile.

So I give him sketch 2 but he doesn’t respond. Dickless loser. Have the balls to at least send an email, yunno? Personally, I think he realized his pun wasn’t so clever halfway through commissioning me. Don’t you love this type of client? The ones who need someone to illustrate how dumb their ideas are? lol. Anyways, I ended up turning sketch 1 into a character.

No real history here… except for the fact that this may be my very first tentacled character. You’d think that with tentacles being so popular in gay toon pr0n that I’d have done this already… but… I have longstanding issues with tentacle pr0n. For some reason, I need to know where the tentacles are coming from– like I need to see the creature. Also, I can’t suspend my disbelief if the tentacles are dicks. Cuz like— an aroused dick isn’t be all prehensile and wiggly, yunno? I’ve written too much on this subject. Oh yea, Maelstrom’s 9th appendage is viewable in → members gallery. Enjoy!


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Sorry for the all caps heading but I’m somewhat infuriated by what’s making me have to write this. You may have noticed your browser or antivirus software actively blocking my blog for the past few days. The lovely ridiculously alarmist pages will usually say something like “GET OUT OF HERE! YOU WILL GET A VIRUS!” etc.

THIS IS NOT TRUE! If you know how, feel free to BYPASS these warnings.

There are no viruses on my blog and there is no malware on my blog. What your attack detection software was picking up was apparently one of the “ads” in the AdBrite circulation.

I had a link to AdBrite (just another bullshit ad network) at the bottom of my blog and some asshole fuckface uploaded his stupid “attack” to AdBrite’s network. This means that whoever is partnered with AdBrite (including me) has a chance of displaying this anusface’s “attack” link.

Apparently Google only found the attack link present on my blog once in the past 90 days. But I guess that’s enough for me to make it onto their stupid automated list of evil sites and get a lovely “DON’T EVER COME HERE” screen.

Needless to say, I removed the AdBrite code. AdBrite is a poor excuse for an ad network.

And once again, I’m having to beg and plead with Google to stop fucking with my web presence. FUck them. That’s why their mobile OS is a piece of shit.

So to recap, there are NO VIRUSES on my site. The warning should go away soon, but even if it doesn’t, my site is 100% safe. Google bots can go to hell, AdBrite can definitely go to hell and dickless, talentless, wastes of flesh losers who spend their days coding malware? Well, your hell is just your meaningless excuse of a life.

Shattered Family

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In thinking of it more in the terms of tradition, it makes me tolerate the kids a lot more. Rachel, Cable, Nate and Hope have never been that high on my list of X-Characters I love– but since I’m so gaga for all the Scott/Jean stuff of the 80’s and 90’s, I’ve gotta make room in my heart for their would-be kids.

A few things I’d like to clarify in good ol’ fashioned internet fan-boy rant style:

1) Modern Marvel seems to be writing the Phoenix entity as if the last thing they read was the Dark Phoenix saga. Yes, it was epic– but things have happened since to change how these characters interpret those events. Namely, the fact that Jean WAS NOT possessed. The Phoenix entity REPLACED Jean. Having the Phoenix just hop from one body to another willy nilly really negates all the creative work that was put into Jean’s resurrection.

2) I will be really angry if Hope turns out to be Jean reborn. She’s not like Jean– her personality is too different. Hope really needs to be some sort of Cyclops/Jean offspring like the rest. Use Phoenix, use clones, use Sinister or alt-realities– whatever you have to use– just please don’t make her teen Jean. Also, here’s to hoping Hope does something really horrible when she gets the Phoenix power, because Bishop needs to be vindicated. It’s bullshit he was written out because of her.

PS: this piece was almost going to be in the Brady Bunch grid format.

PPS: Please no “Where’s Havok/Vulcan/Corsair” comments. I purposefully meant to choose Cyke, the iterations of Jean, and their “children.”


Lemme Know!

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Hey boys and gays. So, I’m redoing the Preview Gallery section of

I want that to be a small collection of all my best and hottest pieces to date. So I’m taking suggestions on what to put there.

Remember, this is the “free” section of my site, so this is the chance for all you cheapskates 😛 who don’t wanna pay for membership to be heard! If there’s anything you’ve only seen a “preview” of, speak up now! 😀

A Humble Favor

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There’s a version of my Emma Frost as Lil’ Kim drawing circulating about tumblr with my link cropped off.
If anyone comes across it, please let the author/ readers know where that pic comes from! Thanks! ^___^

(goddamn irresponsible guerilla web publishing fuck tumblr not everyone needs or deserves a web presence goddamit)

Back to Square One

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My blog at Blogspot was deleted by Google’s anti-spam bots. It was mistaken for spam and removed from the net, the URL and all content completely inaccessible to me.

For victims of this blunder, there is a protocol for restoration of the removed blog. I followed the procedure, which includes getting codes from Google texted to your phone, and jumping through a few more mindless hoops, including mandatory reading of online articles that call people in my predicament “whiners,” and  posting in their help forums. Blogger has no tech support or customer service to speak of so users with a problem are to post in these forums where people are rude and dismissive. You can view the forum conversation here. After a full week of my blog and content being lost, I decided to start over rather than sit and wait for something that may or may not happen. This has easily been one of the worst weeks of my life, my emotions ranging from almost psychotic rage to extreme utter hopelessness.

I had a great following on Blogger and really high traffic. It’s very upsetting for me to be forced out. I feel very defeated. Hopefully this feeling won’t last for long and hopefully the fuckers will one day be violently raped with  sandpaper lined baseball bats. Yup, I’m that mad. Enjoy the new blog!

Warning: Ranty X-Men Diatribe Below

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I’ve made no secret of my lack of love for the Academy X characters.

(ROLL OVER Julian for the twinky naked version!)

There were just way too many of them and too many of them had redundant or unimaginative powers and looks. Also, I resented that they got the “full-fledged major player” treatment so early in their creation while Gen X got the shaft. So I never collected their “New X-Men” books simply because I didn’t believe they deserved that monicker.

But as you can see, here I’m including Mercury, Hellion, and Pixie, prominent Academy X characters. Yes, I have had somewhat of a change of heart. I think Marvel’s decision to either kill or all the worst ones was a bad idea. I try to emote along with the characters I read, so it just feels pretty horrible that nearly an entire cast was murdered due to what’s seen as an editor’s mistake. Yea, letting all those Academy X squads spring up like weeds was a mistake, but killing over half of them was a worse mistake.

So I am warming up to these guys because, as characters, they’ve been through a lot. No one deserves to have over half of your graduating class murdered. And indeed, some of the characters express this sentiment.

“All we seem to do well is die.” I think Rockslide said that… Well not in my U, kids!

FIgure Drawing: Slutty Toads

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“Oh, geez, another Toad post? Why does this guy like frikkin’ mushroom people so much? It’s frikkin’ weird!” LOL, I know, I’m sorry. But I am really excited for the new Mario game coming out this weekend. Not only will I finally get to be Toad again, but it’s a multiplayer sidescroller! …People, a MULTIPLAYER SIDESCROLLER! (cue spaz out)

Full Image = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

So this week in figure drawing, I was kind of distracted (yes, I’m so de-sensitized to porn that two hot guys can be sucking each other’s cocks right in front of me and I can get distracted.) So I drew the models as Toads! Anthony was all worried that I would get kicked out for not taking the class seriously. Haha. What he doesn’t know is that I take Toad very seriously!

The models were very hot. Blue Toad in each of the poses is Doug Repetti, a hunky gay man about town who’s solid muscular body and ample genitals were a pleasure to draw. The other Toads are Adam, a model I’ve drawn so many times before that I decided to give him a different body type in every pose to keep it interesting to me. But the result makes Mr. Blue Toad look like the slut of he century! hehe!

Above is an experiment using this crazy paper Anthony had. It’s black wax or something, and then you scratch it away to reveal a multicolored pattern underneath. It was difficult to scratch if you don’t have the right tool. Also, there’s no erasing. But it made for a cute, fun drawing.

Full Image = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

My Twitter followers know that a few weeks ago, I was home alone a lot and since I have no cable at the moment, I decided to watch all of my Super Mario animated series DVDs. I LOVED that cartoon as a kid and all my memories of why I liked Toad the most came flooding back. He as so awse. Here’s a screenshot from the episode that spoofed Mad Max where he became the TOAD WARRIOR. Get it? SO CUTE!

Toad was such a huge part of the toon but whenever that little bitch Yoshi came along, they unapologetically omitted Toad. That began my hatred for that bastard dinosaur. But now finally, come Sunday, I will get to control Toad, riding Yoshi like the subservient little punk he is, punching him in the face to get him to eat goombas.

Full Image = > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing

Also, I’m over my issues with Toad being a race rather than one specific character these days. If he’s a race, then my drawings of hunky Toads that fuck each other are more justified.

Why I Heart Jean

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Yunno for years, Jean Grey was my absolute least favorite X-Men character. I didn’t like how in Uncanny #290 (I was 12,) Jean told Forge that Storm didn’t love him. I was pissed at Jean because she’s supposed to be Storm’s friend and yet ruined Storm’s chance at happiness with Forge. I now see that Jean helped Storm dodge a major bullet with the Forge proposal thing, cuz that fucker is a total loon with a wack power.

Yeah, I harbored that grudge against little miss perfect Jean for a long time. There was also the Psylocke / Cyclops thing in the 90’s. I was rooting for Psylocke because she’s a ninja and ninjas are frikkin’ cool to an adolescent– not to mention the fact that Psylocke was a super sexy, super snarky, bad-ass diva. In the end, Jean won her man back, as well she should have, because Cyclops and Jean Grey are the backbone of the X-Universe.

I’ve come to especially appreciate Jean now that she’s dead and they have Emma taking her place as X-Mother. I like Emma and all, but it’s gone on for too long now and it’s gotten to the point where Emma is hardy Emma in most of the books she’s in. She’s more Jean-ish than ever.

Jean is an important character, even without all the Phoenix bull. (Sorry, I’m sick of that storyline. It was great in the 70’s, so let’s put it to rest.) Jean’s important because she’s the first lady of the X-Men. She’s the one all the boys loved. She’s the one that kept them all around. And for decades, the bond between Cyclops and Jean Grey was the driving force behind so much X-Continuity, it made you really believe this was the couple that as meant to be.

I mean, I know Jean will be back– she’s one of the sacred women of Marvel (along with Invisible Girl and Scarlet Witch.) But I know they’ll put her with Logan because that’s what these punk new readers want.


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Mortimer Toynbee— or Toad, as most of us know him, was never one of my favorite villains in the X-Men universe. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to draw a cute fan-art of him because he’s an X-Men staple, and when written / drawn well, he can be a pretty cool addition to the wide wonderful super mutant world. There’s a gooey nudie version on my site in the Fan-Boy section. Here’s the thumbnail!

The thing about him is, I like different aspects of him from different X-Men media. Like, I like the retooling of his powers in X-Men the first motion picture, his look and personality in X-Men Evolution, and his voice actor in Pryde of the X-Men. The fact that so many different perfectly valid instances of this one character exist got me to thinking about one of my main gripes with the franchise in general.

My problem is and has always been the inconsistency with different instances of the same character. I used to go on these huge rants about how goth Rogue in X-Men Evolution is wrong, or how non-speaking Storn in Wolverine and the X-Men is wrong, or how broken-english, slow-acting Colossus in every media that’s not the comics is wrong.

I’ve now come to finally realize that depending on the interpreter, the characters in the series can be written and drawn ANY FRIKKIN’ WAY THEY WANT. Nowadays there is no one correct way to interpret X-Men. They can be as far away from their original iteration as possible and it’s PERFECTLY OKAY.

Wolverine can be the level-headed leader. Cyclops can be the loose cannon. Emma can be the mom. Storm can… not exist. You can’t get mad anymore– the characters are more like… guidelines. You can’t say “Oh, Nightcrawler would never do that.”

I know this may seem kinda obvious to some of you but I was kinda hung-up on what I saw as bad interpretations of my favorite comic series– even modern issues of the comic series itself. Am I over it? Nah– but I think I much better understand why it’s happened now. And to cope, I’ll just continue to draw them all gay with drippy dicks.