Streets of Rage Reborn

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  • January 18, 2007
ZEKE: So, here are the finishes on those Streets of Rage characters. I’m still in disagreement with JC over his decision to make them non-pornographic, but he promises that if I’m good, he might make hot butt-nekkid cum-soaked versions of them. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

He switched it up a little on us by coloring these hotties in marker. He felt that he was relying too heavily on digital tools. But as you can very well see, he ended up ploppin’ them into Photoshop anyway– and the addition of only a few minor digital details turned into an 8-day Photoshop marathon. Oh wait, sorry. He wants me to tell you all it was only 4 days.

Blaze is cute… I envy her streetwalker outfit. Fuggin’ little slut. But let’s talk about the guys, Axel and Adam. I told JC to wipe those ridiculous fruity smiles off their faces (as they had in the original line drawings.) Damn him for making these studs clothed! Now it’s harder to fantasize. Ooh, if I got in the middle of a fuck-train with these two, we’d be a gradient!


  • Reikro says:

    I used to have Streets of Rage 2 on the Mega Drive way back and thoroughly enjoyed it. I always played as either Blade or Axel. Ahh yes the memories. Lovely art by the way, I especially like Axel.

    Take care!

  • Kristophe says:

    Well, I’ll be buggered! I’ve just gotten around to checking your blog, after the holidays, I missed a bunch. Many huge thanks for putting up our blog on your list of blogs, and if you want, we’ll put up a link to your website on Do you have banners, yet? Send us one, and we’ll put it up in our links. I’ve just finished the banners for us, and DDM tells me he can have them up by Sunday night, if you want to put one of ours on your website, too. Let us know.

    Pleased to see you creating. “This,” as Martha Stewart says, ‘Is a good thing.”


  • Z-Maker says:

    Man JC, I used to LOVE playing this game! Remember the one with Blade’s kid brother? He wore roller-blades I think? Can’t remember his name, but the game was great for venting out frustrations from a day of “pissosity.”
    At any rate, keep up the creative flow my friend—I love seeing what you turn out on a consistant basis.



  • Digitalmirage says:

    I love the Revamps of the Streets of Rage Chars you did. SO AWSOME! I loved blaze, she was my fave! But damn you made Axel even hotter then he was before. So awsome, they dont make great games like that anymore. What kind of world do we live in where a sexy street walker and her boy-toy cant go around beating people up. hehe, such an awsome game!

  • Patrick says:

    Hello JC… and Zeke…

    I have never played Streets of Rage, but I wish now that I had… especially after seeing how HOT the characters from the game are! Well done! And I’m with Zeke… Adam and Axel have GOT to get nekkid for us! LOL!!!

    The coloring on these is just beautiful, my friend! It’s a great look and the texture is wicked! As always, exceptional work! :o)

    Here’s looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with next! Oh and, no offense Zeke… but when is JC coming back as master of his own Blog?? LOL!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  • JC says:

    Hey guys, thanks all for commenting. I’ve sent Zeke on a little assignment (to screw all your characters! lol.) No seriously, I’m in no mood for his shenanigans right now. I’m having severe mail problems (electronic and postal alike!)

    Yes, Reikro, SOR2 is one of the coolest games ever. I played Axel and Blaze too. “GRAND UPPAA!!”You know some people have hacked it and put other characters in the game:
    You’ve gotta be really computer savvy to get them to work though.

    Thanks for the link exchange, Kristophe. As you know by now, your main site is now also in my links list on my main site. I love Martha.

    Hey Sean. Yeah, SOR was great because everyone imagined the punks we were beating up were real people we didn’t like. I loved the sound effect when you hit someone with the pipe! Oh and SKATE was his name– although in Japanese versions, his name is Sammy. Remember how he’d say “Corkscrew Kick,” but sounded like “Poop PeePee!”

    Hey Dig, long time. Yeah, I always thought Axel was hot. Hotter than Cody (Capcom’s vesion of him– even though their only difference is a blue headband.) You know I used to fantasize about a live action SOR television show starring Mark-Paul Gosslaar as Axel. lol– I was young.

    Hey Patrick– yeah d/l a copy of Streets of Rage 2. It’s a classic and is still loads of fun to this day. Thanks for your comment on the coloring. Tryin’ out some new things here and there– so I don’t get too repetitive! Take care.

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