Haggar Lays Pipe

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  • February 9, 2007
Glorious nostalgia was once again brought to me as I popped “Capcom Classics Collection” into my PS2 a few days ago. Me and wifey were in the game store and wanted to buy something but were peeved at their selection. So we bought a used copy of CCC becasue it was cheap and actually had the original Final Fight on it. I figure since I’ve been going on and on about Streets of Rage, I might as well remind myself of the game that originally got me into SOR.
Everyday after school, I’d stop by the local bodega where they had the Final Fight coin-op and popped in as many quarters as I had left from my lunch money. Some days, I purposely ate light just so I could have enough money to play it sufficiently. I never got very far. But I always picked big ‘ol Mayor Mike Haggar. He was my favorite. I don’t know why– I wasn’t into bears or big burly men or anything. Maybe I was just responding to what an ingenius character the guy is. This former Street Fighter, now Mayor of an urban hellhole, takes the law into his own hands, along with a couple knives or pipes.

When Street Fighter 2 replaced Final Fight at the corner store, I was awestruck and immediately forgot about Final Fight. Little did I know back then that Street Fighter and Final Fight were created by the same guy. And get this– SF2 was originally supposed to tie-in to Final Fight with the inclusion of Haggar! Sometime during production of the game, however, Haggar was changed into a new character, Zangief. This is the real reason why Zangief and Haggar have the same moves. To explain this in the storyline (now that Final Fight and Street Fighter are truly united) it’s said that Zangief and Haggar trained together. Sadly, Haggar hasn’t been playable in a Street Fighter game yet even though all his lackeys have. So this is my tribute to my favorite Mayor and a truly awesome game. (Which I finally beat since Final Fight on Capcom Classics Collection has unlimited continues! It’s almost the equivalent of popping about 10 bucks into a coin-op! ^___^)

I’m also including another censored Splash Page preview from Anti-Heroes Issue #3. This one features Nuke, whom I talked a little about in my last post. Enjoy!


  • Digitalmirage says:

    I love that pic of Haggar! OMG! So nice, despite he was a good mayor i just know he would be that dominering, specially to the scum that infected his city. I love FinalFight, it was always an awsome game. I have the new one, and have been playing it, i actually had no clue that final fight and SF were made by the same people, now i feel stupid for not noticing. Somone spank me. lol

  • JC says:

    Thanks dude– it was fun to color.

    Yah man– well, FF and SF first started crossing over way back in final fight 2 where chun-li can be seen in the background eating a hamburger. lol.

    But they didnt start making Final Fight characters playable in street fighter till the Alpha series (guy, sdom, rolento, cody, and maki) Oh and Hugo and Poison (also final fight characters) are in SF3.

    That’s why it sucks that Haggar hasnt been in it yet. It’d be really simple– just modify the Zangief sprite.

    Actually they were saving Haggar for the original Capcom Fighting Jam– the 3d game that had Ingrid, Ryu, and some Rival Schools chars. But that game was cancelled. Thankfully.

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