*EDIT 5-25-07: I’m taking down 3 of the illustrations until the issues of [2] hits stands.

So here’s the latest thing I’ve been working on: a group of illustrations to accompany a story about pirates in [2] magazine.

Basically, it’s about a beautiful blonde male model who is getting shots taken on a fake pirate ship in the Bermuda Triangle. But then, of course, lightning strikes, and the model is mystically transported back in time to a real pirate ship.

Of the four drawings, my favorite is the one with the group of pirates all ogling the pretty boy tied to the mast. I had fun designing the characters. My partner said I made the Black one look a little too insane– LOL. It’s the eyes. I definitely wanted them all to look crazed.

I’m also proud of how the captain came out. I was worried I’d have trouble making him appear as gruff as a pirate captain would be while still trying to make him as attractive as the story describes. Hopefully, it worked. I’d join this guy’s crew before Jack Sparrow’s any day! (Not to put down Johnny Depp, who will always be high on my list of doable Hollywood!)

For an added bonus, below, you can see the reference pic I took to visualize the group shot piece. A Street Fighter gangbang– wouldn’t that be hot?!


  • Kitt Mouri says:

    BWAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAA!!! Your reference for this one was entirely too hilarious!! ^o^ ^_^

  • Reikro says:

    Hey JC

    What a brilliant setting. I have to say that the one with all the pirates is also my favourite. I won’t mind being in a situation like that…Lot’s of rugged hunky pirates, lovely. What I also like about these pics applies to all your work and that is the colours which is lovely and vibrant.

    I used to have a E.Honda figure back in the mid-nineties that a friend gave to me which I swapped for a copy of Computer and Video Games magazine, haha! I only have five figures on display, three from Metal Gear Solid 2, one of Chris from Resident Evil 4 and Kratos from God of War 2 which I got last week (pics on my blog coming soon). Anyway it’s a great idea of using the Street Fighter figures for reference.

    Hmmm, a Street Fighter gangbang, very good idea!

    Take care!

  • Manny says:

    O.K Mister!

    Your work is looking really amazing, what the fuck are they putting in the water in the USA because whatever it is keep on drinking!

    I know what I am going to say next may be the last thing on your mind, but maybe you should have a chat to Mr Fillion about maybe getting a concept together to publish an art book, because that is the direction I see your work heading in.

    I can see now why so many people are into action figures, by placing them in a scenario you can pretty much work on a whole storyline or backdrop for what you put on paper. But what impresses me and really I find really exciting about your work over the past few months is how you incorporate soft with hard and it really works for you. You’ve really managed to break away from rough on rough and pretty on pretty, something not a lot of people do, and also you manage to keep a whole “fanatsy” feel about it with the way you color each scene.

    Also as I mentioned to Patrick on his latest posting, it’s great to see just how comfortable you are with your work at the moment.

    Well you have my kick in the ass of approval, keep it up!

    Big Hugz


  • JC says:

    YAY comments! Kitt (one of my frequent hand models) knows I keep my trusty camera on me at all times whenever I need reference. And yeah- for that piece, I kinda didn’t have 5 muscle-bound hunks around– lol.

    Thanks for the compliment on my colors, Reikro! Like I’ve said in past comments, I’m only recently starting to realize that I’ve developed a coloring style. And u have the E.Honda!?! He’s rare! I don’t even have him! I’ve always admired the Metal Gear figures even though I don’t own them. Thanks for commenting!

    Yo yo, Manny! I actually haven’t ruled out the idea of collaborating with Patrick. One of these days, I’d love to do a Class/Clydeworld crossover. (whew, that’s a mouthful.) But yeah, I want to get more of my Anti-Heroes issues out before I persue that.

    It’s funny that you’d say I’m really comfortable with my work right now becasue that was (yet another) thing my art school professors told me to avoid. They say that when you are too comfortable, you aren’t improving. I say, poo on them! I think I can be satisfied with a piece and still strive to do better with subsequent works.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by dude! You’re always good for an ego boost! ^___^

  • Manny says:

    Hey JC,

    NEVER let anyone tell you what to avoid being in your work. Just let it flow out of you naturally and go with what your “minds eye” is showing you.


  • Patrick says:

    Hey JC…

    My friend, I am so proud of you!!! You are turning out some truly exceptional work of late, and I am really thrilled that magazines are embracing your work. You are so damn good at what you do and it is really exciting to see you forging such an impressive path and making such a great name for yourself! :oD

    This recent batch of pirate images is really striking. I love how you can blend humor so perfectly with eroticism. Your pirates are REALLY freakin’ hot! I especially love the third image. Your lighting in that piece is superb!

    Well done as always, dear friend. You totally ROCK!!! Keep ’em comin’!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  • Rudy says:

    Hmmm, Pirates… I have always wanted to be a pirate but “Rudy – Plunderer of the Seven Seas” will not exactly strike fear into anybodys heart. Brilliant work!

  • JC says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, Manny. Yeah, I’ve chosen to ignore a lot of what my teachers said in college, but sometimes I can’t help slightly rememberings a little of it– haha.

    And thanks to you also, Patrick. It’s funny, the editor said the images were really hilarious also. I am always self-conscious that my tongue-in-cheek style is not be serious enough for erotic literature. But whatever– I drew what the story sounded like to me.

    LOL, Rudy. If you think about it though, Pirate names are always kinda cheesy. Oh, and I saw what you replied on your blog in response to my liking your technique. I laughed becasue I say the same thing when I look at YOUR rendering– lol. What’s that saying– “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

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