Luke, Bobby & Sam

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  • September 30, 2007
Hubba Bubba, here it is: the final installment in my X-RATED X-MEN REMIX series. All of youze guys should know about these but if ya don’t, here’s what happened.
I redesigned all the X-Men in my voluptuous vision and then did erotic versions of Northstar, Banshee and Beast. Then I held a poll on Y!Gallery asking which characters should come next. Here were the results: Wolverine & Gambit 15%, Angel 14%, Colossus 13%, Nightcrawler 12%, Cyclops & Iceman 11%, Bishop 5%. And then I ended up completing them in that order.

So yeah, at first I was upset to see my two favorites at the bottom of the barrel. But then I thought, “Hey, since I’ll have to do my faves last, I’ll no doubt unconsciously make them BETTER than all the previous ones!” MUA HA HA!

Yes, Bishop and Iceman have always been my favorite male X-Men. I remember the day I first learned of Bishop. Picture an 11 year old me and a friend in the schoolyard one morning:

Nick: Dude, did you see the new issue of X-Men!? There’s this new Black guy and he’s BIGGER THAN COLOSSUS!!

JC: What’s his powers?

Nick: I dunno– some energy shit. BUT HE’S HUGE!

We skipped lunch and booked it to the local comic shop where I grabbed a copy of Uncanny #282. Bishop remained me and Nick’s favorite for a while– mullet and all. Although Nick eventually abandoned Bishop once he realized Bishop actually wasn’t bigger than Colossus. (size queen)

So yeah, if Bishop was the X-Man I wanted to be, then Iceman was definitely the X-Man I wanted to fuck. He was so fun and boyish, but maintained that jockish charm that really spoke to my teenage gay libido. I was sooo convinced Marvel was going to make him queer. Everything about his storyline in the 90’s led to it. But alas, they gave us Northstar instead. No offense to Northstar lovers out there but I can’t think of anyone who liked that guy before they made him gay.

Oh- and to prove my insane gay fandom for Bishop and Iceman, here is an extremely old, unfinished fanart of them. This is like circa 1997– don’t laugh at my deformed lookin’ hands!

Also adding my Cannonball into this mix. He was an afterthought for me which was why I never included him in the poll. I only did him because I wanted the complete set to total 20 and not 19. (I don’t like odd numbers– primes even less.) Don’t get me wrong, I love Sam– moreso than any of the others I almost made instead of him (Havok, Cable, Forge)– it’s just that I liked him better on X-Force than X-Men.

I thought it was appropriate to hurry up and post this before this new cartoon “Wolverine and the X-Men” comes out. I’ll take X-Men in any media I can find, but this cartoon looks like its gonna be the worst of all. First off, I’m not feeling this overly svelte design for Wolverine. And I’d rather a more popular character get the spot that it seems they’ve given to Forge. Also, why is Emma confirmed so soon and not Storm or Jean? If those two aren’t included, then its not X-Men. I mean, X-Men is supposed to be about accepting diversity– giving blond-haired blue-eyed Emma a spot over Storm is a travesty. Opinions?

Oh– and one final thing. I have a sekushi wallpaper of all of my male X-Sluts up in my new wallpapers section of my site! Take a peek.


  • Tomas says:

    oh man, I’ve always loved Iceman, and I love how you drew him too, it’s a new look for an already hot character…
    Iceman and colossus are my favorite Xmen by far…

  • White Wabbit says:

    You mean… I’ll never get to see your rendition of Havok? *sniff*

    …Guess I’ll just have to settle for your cute version of Cannonball to satisfy my blond cravings. And mind you, I think I could sit and watch Bishop all day O_O
    But I’m afraid I’m with Nick, they don’t call him Colossus for nothing.


    Wouldn’t consider one teensy last Havok though….??? *puppy-dog eyes* Pwiddeh pleezzzzz? 😀 😀 😀

    Wabbit xx

  • RDot says:

    Man, it sucks how everybody overlooks Bishop. cuz damn if I wouldn’t give him a go…good times man, GREAT times!!

    He could shoot his plasma this way anytime

  • Z-Maker says:

    You can never go wrong with the X-Men, JC! Iceman also happens to be my favorite as well (always thought he was underdeveloped power-wise–he can control and generate ICE for pete’s sake!). BISHOP was a god-send once he came on the scene…I always thought it was kind of funny that the diversity among the X-Men in general —you never see enough other Ethnicities beyond the “PC.” Get work (as always) — you’ve “leveled up” in your coloring techniques–or at least, I’m noticing the difference in these images.

    Great stuff.


  • Chubtoons says:

    Oh…you just gave me an Idea! Hehehehe…

    The animations are so cool. Bishop is my favorite. I had such a hard-on for him when he was introduced.

  • JC says:

    Thanks Tomas. I never liked Bobby’s full-body ice-look becasue I think it looks too much like colossus– who looks better in a shiny full-body armor. So whenever I draw Iceman, I always draw him part fleshy and part icy.

    We’ll see about Havok, Wabbit. I love the way he looks– I think he’s ultra hot– and I love all his costumes. but I don’t like his personality as a hero. I like him as a villian.

    Yeah, RDOT, Bishop is the man. I was so happy whn they cut his hair! haha

    Thanks for the compliment on my colors, Z. Sadly, it looks like diversity in the X-Men is on its way out. You’re right in that Iceman has all that potential– but I liked when they were exploring why he didnt use his full power– back in the 90s. They were eluding to the fact that he was insecure. Then the storyline was unexpectedly dropped.

    Hey Chubtoons– always good to hear from ya. Yeah, Bishop will alwyas be at the top of my list too– even if he isn’t in the comix anymore.

  • RParker says:

    They actually are bringing Bishop back into the comics (and possibly to kill him) in the upcoming Messiah Complex crossover

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Hey JC! Sorry I haven’t commented in a couple weeks. I was visiting family in Utah. What an awesome surprise to come back to! You know what a huge fan of your X-Men series I am. Iceman is definitely one of my favorites! You’re right on the money when you describe what’s hot about him. I love him for all the same reasons. Only you could do him justice like this. 🙂 You so rule, as usual! 😀

  • Patrick says:

    My friend, as always your X-Men art is truly inspired. Your Bishop is wicked, your Iceman is way cool, but I think I love your Cannonball best of all! LOL! I always thought that Sam was a total hottie… and I love that you drew his ears the way McLeod used to in The New Mutants. Over the years, other artists let that feature drop, and it was a real shame. It was such a distinctive trait. Ah well!

    Your animations from soft to VERY HARD are always a real treat, and these 3 are no exception! :oD

    By the way, I completely agree about this new Wolverine cartoon. If Storm doesn’t get included I’ll be really pissed off too… but then again, givien the lack of attention they paid her is Evolution, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising. She seems a tad unappreciated in her cartoon incarnation all around lately!

    Ah well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Awesome post, dude!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  • Drew says:

    holey moley

    this blog is the best thing to happen to me in years

    your X-Men are better than anything Marvel has put out in 20 years

    thanks for sharing,

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