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  • February 23, 2008
Weeks ago, when I polled you guys about which video game cover I should redo, I thought that I’d get some varied responses. Silly me must have momentarily forgotten how uber-popular X-Slash is here in Netland. X-Men Legends led the poll overwhelmingly from start to finish. (Sorry, Link fans, you’ll have to wait.)

X-Men Legends is a great game but it suffers from a syndrome from which most X-Men games suffer: a boring cover. Cue my redo. Choosing which characters to use was easy enough. I picked the 4 most iconic characters (all male of course, as this is the secret SEXY GAY version of the game.) Deciding to use the costumes I designed for them was also a quick decision. I figure, if everyone and their mother gets to do it, I should, being a devout fan and historian for decades.

The tough part was figuring out what they should be doing and how to pose them. I mulled through a myriad of different ideas, but none of them seemed as solid as the classic X-Men splash image. You know, the type of drawing that sells millions of comic books and never fails to make fans kick themselves after discovering that only one or two of the characters from the cover are actually in the book. haha.

I also had issues deciding how exactly to make this XXX erotic (particularly because I’d already drawn them all fully clothed!) I never tire of my rollover images, so I went with that, along with that cool glowing “X” that serves as the x-ray vision peephole for you guys. I have to say that even though he is not my favorite of the 4 I chose, I am most pleased with Logan in both the clothed and raunchy versions. I think after days of mucking around with it, I finally captured that Logan snarl!

I expect massive amounts of feedback, people– this is X-MEN FAN-ART here. ^__^


  • RDot says:

    You know..I loved, played and conquered both X-Men Legends parts 1 and 2…and I didnt get that cover with my games! Dammit to hell! LOVE it!! you shoulda threw in Storm and Jean just to draws sum tits, lol..now here i go back to re-play the games again. lol

  • Tower says:

    I totally love your redo.

    EA should make an official naughty Marvel/Sims crossover. Beast and Wolverine in the hot tub!

    Fantastic work JC, as always!

    Love your Nightcrawler & Wolvie <3

  • Anonymous says:

    I *love* it!

    I especially like the x-ray vision thing; it makes you feel a little naughtier and more special than the previous X-Men drawings where their clothes just fade away.

    I also agree with your decision to leave everyone uncircumcised but Cyclops. The fact that Wolverine’s not got a lot down there probably says a lot about why he is the way he is, haha. That smug look on his face also got me to thinking… if the X-Men movies had been filmed way back when, Jack Nicholson would have been a perfect Logan! Maybe it’s just me but he’s got the eyebrows for it.

    As always, massive kudos! I hope this doesn’t stop you from doing some Zelda/Street Fighter stuff in the future. I wanna see what all Dhalsim can stretch and if Zangief is that big everywhere!

  • Patrick says:

    Okay… This right here is TOTALLY HOT!!! I have to say, I am not surprised that the X-Men won the poll, but I am also very glad for it (even if I voted for Street Fighter! LOL!)

    That Nightcrawler is super sexy — man, you draw him so freakin’ well! He really suits you and you always do a fantastic job with him. Also love the Colossus, and even if I am no huge Wolvie or Cyclops fan, I must say that your image has given me a whole new level of appreciation for them! LOL!

    PLUS, as if the image wasn’t hot enough already, you go and make it interactive! LOL!!!

    Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  • Big Blue Prostate Poker says:

    Looks good! Missing a certain X-men for it to really do it for me 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I think the remixed cover is damn near exquisite. I was slightly surprised, though, when I saw Colossus get on the cover, as I was sure that Iceman would get the spot instead. Still, who am I to complain?

    I’m a long time viewer, but a first time commenter of your site, and your stuff always keeps me coming back for more. If you should ever try and tackle a cross-over fighting game (Capcom vs. SNK, for example), I will be here with bells on.

    Now I gotta go get my copies of both Legends games out and replay through again.

  • JC says:

    Yeah RDot– I do have an itch to draw some X-Divas. Good luck playing the games! Ya know, I still havent beaten #2 yet! For some reason, I don’t like it as much!

    Hi Tower– hm… Beast and Wolvie in a hot tub… possibilities!

    Hi Anonymous! Yeah, I always draw the non-American ones uncut. And, hey– maybe Wolvie’s a grower! haha! And yeah, Jack Nicholson actually used to be quite attractive MANY MANY moons ago. But Hugh Jackman so embodies that role, I kinda can’t see anyone else doing it.

    Oh– and I haven’t given up on Link and Street Fighter– not by a long shot!

    Hey Patrick! Ya know, I had you in mind while drawing Kurt! Glad you like him as well as the others!

    Oh yes, we all know who you want Big Blue. We’ll see about gettin’ some Beast fan-art up here. I have an idea for a Beast/Sabretooth vs. Blanka/Zangief piece.

    Hi Anonymus#2! Yeah Iceman is definetely one of my faves but I just don’t think he’s as unique a character as some of the others. I was playin to the fans for this one– not my loins– haha!

    Thanks for commenting guys! This piece was hard so I appreciate your feedback TONS!


  • Mike at mikemen.com says:

    Great interpretation man! Very sexy, and love the interactivity of the piece. They should do this as a hologram cover for the game…that would be sweet.

  • FMX says:

    I always loved how you did the images that changed when you moved your mouse over it. I am guessing u used flash. My new job is going to teach me flash so hopefully I can learn to do stuff like this too.

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