The Vault Reopened

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  • February 9, 2008
So I’m in an annoying state right now where I have tons of drawings only halfway done. I like to work on more than one thing at a time but usually they’re are all at different levels of completion. This time, everything I’m working on is kinda far from being finished.

Looking back, I shouldn’t have been so post-crazy during the month of January. I doubled my normal post rate that month instead of saving things for a time like now when I have absolutely nothing to post. But ah well, it was all stuff I wanted to share immediately and anyone who knows me knows that patience is not my strong suit. bleh.

Cue this latest barrage of ancient drawings! This is all stuff you guys have never seen– all stuff from my drawers and folders and sketchbooks from the past. I’ll show them in chronological order. This first one is circa 1999. I was in my 1st or 2nd year of college and was busy writing erotic stories about X-Men and posting them on the web. This was one of the ones I illustrated as well. All I remember about the story was that I wrote a really good closeted Iceman. HAHA.

Next up was this strange idea I had circa 2002 to create a team of magical heroes based on Sailor Moon— except they’re all boys. I think maybe halfway through the sketch, I realized how gay this was and abandoned it.

This Tai drawing was probably done around the same time. I used photo reference to draw all three of the Anti-Heroes as realistically as I could. I really hate the way Zeke and Caleb came out so you guys can’t see those.

Lastly is a sketch of Nightcrawler I did maybe 4 years ago. Hope you guys enjoyed this blast from the past. I get so worried showing old stuff because I definitely feel like I’ve progressed much farther than this. I hope new visitors to this blog don’t think this is representative of my current work. I guess that’s more incentive for me to post something new ASAP!


  • DigitalMirage says:

    Wow, i have definetly been there. Infact.. i live there. I live inside the vault of unfinished art. It so sucks, finding all the time and energy to do all these projects is so hard. Although it is nice and somtimes frightning to see whats in the vault to rekindle old drawings. Dont forget to breath. πŸ™‚

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Awesome! I love it when you post your old stuff! πŸ™‚ I especially loved Nightcrawler and the detailed, lifelike version of Tai. Very cool! πŸ˜€

  • RDot says:

    Uh hello you ARE gay…so finish the Sailor Moon fag squad…cuz i LIKES them!!

  • Z-Maker says:

    Seeing your vault reminds me of my own…I *so* feel you on this one, JC.

    Love the concepts and the images–hard to have all those ideas in your head and the lack of arms (or clones) to share them the way you’d like, eh?


  • Ursus Canis says:

    Is that Sabertooth holding onto Iceman’s crotch? He’s (Sabes) one of the few characters from X-Men I used to fantasize about when I was younger (Gambit, Iceman and Havok being the others.)

    And your drawings are real nice. Waaay better than what I used to produce and could possibly make nowadays.

  • Keith says:

    I really like the central figure in “Sailor Moon”–but then, I always was a sucker for short shorts with big bulge! I grew up in the Seventies–nothing is “too gay” for me! : )

    I also really like the face drawing of Tai.

  • Patrick says:

    Hey JC…

    I have to say… that image of Nightcrawler may be an older piece, but it is really beautiful! You draw my favorite X-Man soooooo well!

    And that Tai portrait is SUPERB!

    I know what you mean about older work. As an artist, I can’t stand my stuff after it’s just a couple of days old… but as a fan of your art, this is a great treat to get to see! Thanks for posting it all!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  • JC says:

    Thanks for stopping by, friends! Even though I’m embarrassed to put up old work, part of me feels a bit of pride to show how far I’ve progressed. Maybe I’ll redo that Victor/Bobby piece in my new style…

  • jimboylan2 says:

    What’s old and unpublished to you is still new to us.
    Thanks for sharing.

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