Guest Art Bonanza!

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  • January 16, 2009
Leave it to me to inspire tons of awesome talented artists to send me their porn drawings! HAHA– just joking. Most of these aren’t even porny– but still great, each in it’s own particular way. As you guys know, I adore seeing the Anti-Heroes rendered by other artists. So, without further ado, I’ll present the collection I’ve amassed over the past few weeks.
These two below are by Anthony Gonzales, a great friend and amazing artist. The Power Suit Caleb one, I plan on getting a better scan of, eventually. And the Black and White one is for me to color eventually– although I like how the inks look as is. BUY ANTHONY’S BOOK!

Next up is another by Jeremonkey. (You may remember, he did a cute drawing of the Anti-Heroes back in May.) This time, for my birthday, he gives us his version of one of his favorite scenes from issue #1. He’s really captured both of their personalities here. Also love his coloring style. Looks like a lotta work!

This piece is by my good buddy Kitt Mouri. She sketched this one out while helping me run my booth at the Gay Erotic Expo a few months ago. Tai, I sometimes try to convey, can be a little elvish. Elves are something she specializes in. Good fit!

Here’s a great one I actually got a while back and forgot to post! Yikes! But back when Charha drew it, Tower posted it on his blog. It’s Tower’s characters Ractus the rat, Lange the fox, Revedian the tiger, and Tower the wolf doing cosplay of Zeke, Locus, Camili-Cat, and Tai respectively. Locus and Cam are (of course) Class Comics characters. Whenever I look at this one, it makes me wanna get into furry.

Next up, here’s Power Suit Caleb as drawn by Iceman. Recently I’ve connected with Iceman after being a fan for many years. We agreed to art trade– I did MidnightMan and he did Caleb. Great action pose and lighting.

Here’s a piece by a new friend I’ve made recently named Jezza. No website up for him just yet, although we’re workin’ on it! Jezza can draw pretty realistic, but I was floored when I saw hi more cartoony take on the Anti-Heroes. He’s got a fresh, unique style. Can’t wait to see more from him.

Lastly, I’d like to treat you all to a REALLY special treat. I’ve always been interested to know what the Anti-Heroes would look like as genuine bona fide action figures. So, I decided to commission Tobias Trost over at Imatoy.

I had been corresponding with him via email for a while and always knew in the back of my head that he’s who I wanted to make my Anti-Heroes toys. He does really great work. Tobias said that these were some of his favorite pieces to create. Indeed they are unique because he’s working in a larger scale and using more sculpting and painting and accessories than ever. It’s all made for some really great models of my favorite hot hung horny hard-bodies. My favorite of the three is definitely Zeke. There was a lot of back and forth and experimentation with him, but he came out pretty amazing.

It’s funny because I have these on my shelves with my Marvel Legends and Sota Street Fighter toys, and people ALWAYS double take when they see the Anti-Heroes amongst them. Like, “Woa! What X-Man is THAT supposed to be– with the big bulge… oh wait… that’s one of your characters!”

Thanks to everyone who sent me Anti-Heroes art. You don’t know how much I truly appreciate it! There’ve been days lately where I’ve been feeling like this whole art thing isn’t worth the effort, so when I get great gifts like these, not only does it make me feel good, it also validates my staying in the game. As long as someone out there likes it, I’m gonna keep on doin’ it! THANKS! SMOOCHES!


  • pikapika217 says:

    aww! I want an action figure of them! they came out really good.

  • Patrick says:

    Hiya JC…

    Dontcha just love fan art!!! These are all so terrific!!! You must be really thrilled with them all!!!

    And dude, your Anti-Heroes toys are frikkin’ AWESOME!!!! Congrats on getting those as well! :o)

    As a toy junkie, this must be a real thrill for ya! Try not to rub the paint off their bulges by rubbin’ em too much! LOL! 😉

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  • tobias trost says:


    It’s been so long since i’ve seen those puppies! i really am surprised and ecstatic at how well they turned out. and I am so freakin tickled to death that you like them so much. warms my coldcold heart!

    now if this economy weren’t wreaking havoc on everyone’s income, i might actually get to make some more (i think yours last year were the last ones I made!!). yay recession.

    everything looks awesome man! keep up the amazing work!

    talk to ya soon…

  • Gay Comic Geek says:

    Oh my god! Those are so perfect!!! I’d totally buy those and display them with my Marvel Legend figs!

  • Wow those actions figures are so cool! Do they come with ahem..other accessories? XD Really great job on those! (For the price it would be expected though!) Anthony’s work is amazing as well.

    • JC says:

      Yea they are my babies! haha. And I’ll be getting Anth started with his own website soon so people can write directly to him.

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