Spotlight On: Jeveddo

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  • June 23, 2009
Remember Supreme Dominion? My would-be fighting game? Well, I’ve decided to migrate the whole of the series over to my pornographic site. I will try to make a raunchy dicky version of each of the original character designs and give the series a category on So rollover these two images for the reveal!

First up: Jeveddo. He is a very proud, self-righteous elf on a mission to eradicate all humans, believing he is superior to them. His weapon is a bokken, made from magical wood from enchanted elven forests.

I did the original Jeveddo drawing in 2002 and only drew this nude rollover addendum a few days ago. He was always the most popular character of this series, so I expect his fans to eat this up (except for my friend who hates that I draw him uncut. Sorry Dug, I can’t see an elf circumcising.)


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