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Dick Trek

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Dick Trek (2017)


You’re a fresh faced, perv minded Starfleet Ensign programming your perfect holographic hunk to um… help you learn more about the Federation! And choosing your study buddy’s species becomes a vital lesson for any gay Trekkie: a crash course in the many different dicks of the Star Trek universe!

Gotta say, I’m pretty surprised to find so little Star Trek alien dick reference online, save a Vulcan one here and there. But that made coming up with fappable phalluses for 16 different species that much more fun!

The naked version is my first PATREON EXCLUSIVE piece! Rollover for a preview and then go to my Patreon page and pledge any amount of $1 or more for access to the SEXIEST / STRANGEST / SCARIEST cocks your hungry little holes ever imagined!

Neon Love

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Continuing exploration of using neons in my figure drawing. Photography seems to at least capture a neon color insted of just gray like scanning. But the cost is picking up the lighting in your room– not to mention your camera auto-correcting the white balance. Still kinda dumbfounded at what an ordeal digitizing neons can be!


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Even though teen me barely kept up with metal, I was certain that it was influencing 90’s comic character designs. Shatterstar, Rictor, Warpath, Omega Red, AoA Magneto and even sometimes Gambit all had giant manes and outta control ponytails. Of all those guys though, Adam X the X-Treme looked the most like he belonged in a hair metal band.

What annoyed teen me about this character though, besides the look, was the strong push he got. Nicieza really wanted Adam X the X-Treme to become the next big thing and sadly, it seemed like the only person who cared about Adam X the X-Treme was Nicieza.

Even the letterers were directed to make the character seem more important than he was. Remember how every time he was mentioned, the whole name, “ADAM X the X-TREME” was always written out– in big bold red title fonts? Like, just in case all the hair and all the ridiculous blades wasn’t enough, lets remind these kids to notice Adam X the X-Treme by shouting it every time.

Sooo, fast forward to my life in hipsterburg 20 years later where long haired blondes (especially with beards) are my number one dick hardener. Thusly, Adam X the X-Treme happily joins my RemiX lineup mainly just as an excuse to draw a hung hairy hippy hottie. Check it out in my Members Gallery I went a little nuts with his XXX version– that wang I drew definitely borders on the hyper/macro genre.

Um… How’d I Miss This?

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AS OF 2010, NORTHSTAR HAS CANONICALLY SLEPT WITH HERCULES!!! Granted, this has to have been off-panel, but the fact that Marvel would even hint at this is astounding to me! What’s more– the implication that all these other characters know seem to KNOW about said affair is amazing!

Have I just not been paying attention to all the Hercules/Northstar fan-art there SHOULD be out there… Or are you guys just sleeping on this and not producing any? Either way, this is my official call to arms for slash artists! It’s been my dream for years to canonically give Jean-Paul a fling with another superhero (not some random bs double-minority side character completely devoid of personality and fan appeal.) Let’s do it!