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Homothug Nuke + Retrospective

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Remember Nuke? Did this new drawing of him (uncensored here for Patrons: and thought it’d be nice to look at some of the older ones all together.

This is kind of a great progression of how comfortable I eventually get with bulges.

This one is uncensored for the first time!

So these below would be my earliest drawings of him. From 1999, this was an attempt at children’s storytelling but kinda revealed I’m never gonna be doing that.

New Project Pages Completed!

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Here’s a big betch of figure drawings to announce a new section of the site! In Life Drawing: Models, the brunt of this work, you’ll find the catalog of all the beautiful models I’ve drawn over the years dating back to 2007. And in Life Drawing: OCs and Life Drawing: Fan-Art, you’ll see where I turned the models into other hot characters.

Some of you will be pleased to find out that I’ve UNLOCKED SEVERAL DOZENS of previously members-only drawings! In this somewhat exhaustive redesign of the site, I’ve found that it’s more efficient to just unlock the stuff that I haven’t made teaser images for.

So take a trip down memory lane and see all the gorgeous men and boys I’ve drawn from life and/or turned into even more gorgeous cartoons! And if the spirit moves you, remember that I really like getting comments which you can do at the bottom of each page.

Want a Power Up?

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Another character from Supreme Dominion, my decade old, somewhat defunct, medieval fighting game project, Paxton the Merchant is a traveling salesman who dabbles in street fighting- haha. I used to always want to play as the shop keeper character in games. Pax would be able to pull out all kinds of bizarre power-ups out of his giant backpack and giant fro, whether they’d be for fighting or fucking!

King Bling

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An older character I’m bringing back to the forefront, King Trevor Destephano is the main character of Supreme Dominion, a project inspired by medieval fantasy and fighting game sensebilities. Trevor weilds an ancient magical soul-stealing sword passed down in his royal family for generations. He’s a heartless sunnuvabitch with a big ego and even bigger cock! And yes, those are real crystals glued onto the page! It’s very blingy in person. 😉

Spotlight On: Bodge

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2nd Character in my erotic Supreme Dominion revival: Bodge. Bodge was the victim of torture by humans in his childhood. The experience has warped his mind and made him slightly insane. He has a hair-trigger temper and goes berserk when confronted with humans. Young and impetuous, Bodge constantly finds himself chastised by Igdon. He looks up to Feega even though she manipulates him but has absolutely no respect for her half-human son, Keth. Whenever Igdon and Feega are not around, Bodge starts trouble with Keth.

This guy was always one of my personal favorites in the series. I didn’t draw him enough. Rollover for his ogre-dick.

Spotlight On: Jeveddo

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Remember Supreme Dominion? My would-be fighting game? Well, I’ve decided to migrate the whole of the series over to my pornographic site. I will try to make a raunchy dicky version of each of the original character designs and give the series a category on So rollover these two images for the reveal!

First up: Jeveddo. He is a very proud, self-righteous elf on a mission to eradicate all humans, believing he is superior to them. His weapon is a bokken, made from magical wood from enchanted elven forests.

I did the original Jeveddo drawing in 2002 and only drew this nude rollover addendum a few days ago. He was always the most popular character of this series, so I expect his fans to eat this up (except for my friend who hates that I draw him uncut. Sorry Dug, I can’t see an elf circumcising.)