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  • November 8, 2009

He’s a fun villain. And his voice actor in the 90’s toon was EPIC.


  • Jezza says:

    it is my life long dream to be able to speak like Apocalypse.
    Nice job, JC. The color is poppin.

  • Chubtoons says:

    When I scrolled over him and allmost all of his clothes vanished, I had to LOL. Love the "Whatchu talk'n bout, Willis?!" expression on his face.

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  • JC says:

    LOL– the expression is a total mistake. He was supposed to be frowning but yunno when you draw Apoc's mouth and those crazy tubes, it ends up lookin like a maniacal smile! haha.

    Oh and Jezza, this one's for u:

    "The want the future. I'll give them the future. RIGHTNOW!"

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