Erotic Figure Drawing: Brad

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  • January 13, 2012

For this session, pierced and tatted Brad was our model, with a toned, athletic form and the genitalia of a porn star. Being a dancer, he was in great shape and thusly able to hold difficult poses, so we got a few more drawings than usual outta the night.

I was excited for these fun poses and focused on the model’s anatomy rather than his tattoos. I told myself, “yea, that’s something I can fake in Photoshop later.” What I did was put some of that textiles knowledge to work and just created a repeating pattern I could easily overlay over the appropriate sections of the body and voila! Instant tattoo fake! LOL

But many of the other artists there drew the tattoos on the spot. Below I’ve included mine and pics of some of the other artist’s renderings of one particular pose, to show you what I mean. And also to show that some really talented people go to these sessions. The first 2 after mine are my buds Anthony Gonzales and Rob Clarke.


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Uh! This confirms my long-held suspicion that you and Rob Clarke were in the same erotic figure drawing sessions! I knew it! 😀 Also, this is really good! 😀 I get the impression that he had too many tats for my taste, but you managed to make him look really hot anyway! 😀

    • JC says:

      He had a great bod, but yea, waaaay too many tats.

      Yup, Rob is my bud! Us two plus Beefy Blimps and Anthony Gonzales plus a bit of the jug wine provided at these sessions makes for quite the interesting time. Let’s just say, if any of the models knew how we talk, they’d probably off themselves– lol.

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