Shattered Family

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  • June 27, 2012

In thinking of it more in the terms of tradition, it makes me tolerate the kids a lot more. Rachel, Cable, Nate and Hope have never been that high on my list of X-Characters I love– but since I’m so gaga for all the Scott/Jean stuff of the 80’s and 90’s, I’ve gotta make room in my heart for their would-be kids.

A few things I’d like to clarify in good ol’ fashioned internet fan-boy rant style:

1) Modern Marvel seems to be writing the Phoenix entity as if the last thing they read was the Dark Phoenix saga. Yes, it was epic– but things have happened since to change how these characters interpret those events. Namely, the fact that Jean WAS NOT possessed. The Phoenix entity REPLACED Jean. Having the Phoenix just hop from one body to another willy nilly really negates all the creative work that was put into Jean’s resurrection.

2) I will be really angry if Hope turns out to be Jean reborn. She’s not like Jean– her personality is too different. Hope really needs to be some sort of Cyclops/Jean offspring like the rest. Use Phoenix, use clones, use Sinister or alt-realities– whatever you have to use– just please don’t make her teen Jean. Also, here’s to hoping Hope does something really horrible when she gets the Phoenix power, because Bishop needs to be vindicated. It’s bullshit he was written out because of her.

PS: this piece was almost going to be in the Brady Bunch grid format.

PPS: Please no “Where’s Havok/Vulcan/Corsair” comments. I purposefully meant to choose Cyke, the iterations of Jean, and their “children.”



  • timemonkey says:

    I don’t think anyone’s ever going to complain about a lack of Vulcan. He was kind of universally hated.

  • Jubell says:

    I just can’t, Marvel writers seem to be going for broke on this one – as if they just read the Dark Phoenix Saga.

    And then watched X-men 3 =/

    Marvel…stop being dumb.

  • x-men fan says:

    My theory is that hope is a clone of jean like maddie! They were both found in Alaska and she can use any mutant power which leads me to believe sinster who is loaded with mutant DNA created her

    P.S. I’m sure Jean won’t even return.

  • x-men fan says:

    lovely artwork by the way! Love jeans face so much

    • JC says:

      Thanks a lot! I kinda want Hope to be some immaculately conceived Phoenix entity. It’d further support when Phoenix did this the first time, thinking it was Jean.

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