Um… How’d I Miss This?

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  • July 9, 2012

AS OF 2010, NORTHSTAR HAS CANONICALLY SLEPT WITH HERCULES!!! Granted, this has to have been off-panel, but the fact that Marvel would even hint at this is astounding to me! What’s more– the implication that all these other characters know seem to KNOW about said affair is amazing!

Have I just not been paying attention to all the Hercules/Northstar fan-art there SHOULD be out there… Or are you guys just sleeping on this and not producing any? Either way, this is my official call to arms for slash artists! It’s been my dream for years to canonically give Jean-Paul a fling with another superhero (not some random bs double-minority side character completely devoid of personality and fan appeal.) Let’s do it!


  • skyboy16 says:

    wow, I totally missed that too! That’s really hot, I would love to see that on panel lol

  • Jezza says:

    which comic is this page from?

  • timemonkey says:

    Well, it’s not actually cannon, it’s just implied. And it’s just playing Northstar for anouther gay joke.

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Wow! That’s cool!

  • wolverinetodd says:

    Wasn’t it hinted once that Northstar and Cain Marko/Juggernaut were involved, like in an alternate universe where Cain wasn’t a villain, or at least had changed his ways. Or possibly a different timeline.

    As for Hercules, you could always focus on his alternate universe version where he and James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine are lovers. All those muscles, all that delicious body hair, throbbing, leaking, uncut cocks, taking turns to pound into each other towards a quick orgasm before being called back to battle. Then have them crossover into the universe where Northstar and Cain are lovers and they have a hot, hairy, uncut cocks foursome. Or just have Northstar join in with Hercules and James for a hot threesome. I’d watch it!

    • JC says:

      HAHA all brilliant ideas, my friend! I’m actually unfamiliar with the comic pairing of Northstar and Juggernaut, but I gotta say I’m an IMMENSE Juggernaut fan and am itching to draw naked Cain again.

      My feelings on Northstar are sort of waning now that Iceman is canonically gay. Northstar is so B-list compared to Iceman and now that we have a more prominent token, my reasons for liking Northstar at all are kinda fading, lol. I predict that Marvel will use him much less now that Iceman fills that role.

      I really like the comic series that introduced Gay Wolverine with Hercules. I thought it was a great way to give us a Gay Wolverine and was really happy that he was markedly different than 616 Wolvie. I’ve been itching to draw this Wolverine for a while now– love the gold claws and unique facial hair. However, instead of Herc, I ship Gay Wolvie and Gay Colossus from the the Ultimate U. I think it can happen becasue Gay Wolvie is a reality jumper so he could easily hop over to the Ultimate U and pick up Gay Peter!

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