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  • August 18, 2013

What many don’t know about my X-Men RemiX project is that it has always been inspired by video game design sensibilities. I’ve come to the realization that video games are perfectly valid media to tell stories; specifically stories I’d like to tell.

This game would combine elements from all my favorite existing X-Men games; the side scrolling arcade engine of Konami’s X-Men, the simple but effective design of the 16-bit X-Men platformers, some RPG aspects of Activision’s X-Men Legends, and the panache of Capcom’s X-Men fighters.

The JC aspects come in the form of an ENORMOUS playable cast (it’s kinda one of the things I love about the franchise) and of course my bulgy colorful art style– hehe!

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    • JC says:

      Thanks! I have more drawings in this theme but might sit on them a little longer due to the lackluster response on this- lol. People only care about my work if there’s a penis in it- lol.

      • wolverinetodd says:

        Well that answered my question. I was hoping for this to become an XXX-MEN kind of game, where as they fight, their clothes take a lot of damage until the characters (specifically the men) are naked and fighting naked villains (again, specifically the men). Winners fuck the losers, even if the heroes lose to the villains.

        Maybe a mod could be created for the game to meet my wishes.

        • JC says:

          HAHA hell yes- a porny X-Men game would be EVERYTHING! But just any X-Men game at this point is welcome– there’s been such a lull for so long. Thanks for commenting!

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