Don’t Worry, I’m Alive

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  • October 13, 2016

Unexpectedly started a day job in May that not only threw a wrench in my art production but also left me profoundly emotionally discombobulated. Juggling that with three major exhibitions back to back this summer and fall led to little to no web posts. 🙁 It’s all thankfully over now so I can get back to drawing and getting out the tons of sexy WIPs I’m working on! In the meantime, enjoy these nasty new life drawings! Much more cumming, so watch this space!

The sesh where two of my favorite models met up and put on a spectacular show. Was too distracted to get much else down on paper.

Remember this session well– this kid WENT TO TOWN on his butthole! He really got into it.

This model’s body type really reminded me of Fei Long. Yunno, ripped but not huge.

Here’s a new chara I’ve been drawing but don’t quite know if I’ll use him much now but maybe eventually! I love his MegaMan mohawk and chode!


  • YinToYang says:

    Awesome to see ya posting again bud! Can’t wait to see what’s next! I’ll be emailing ya soon again when thing settle down on my end. Keep up the amazingly sexy job as always!


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Hey man! Glad to hear you’re doing okay! I LOVE the hot hairy models at the top of this post! Daaaayum! 😮 <3 And of course any day when you post Ryan art is a good day, haha. 🙂 That Fei Long model is pretty hot too! Love his lean musculature and his thick, heavy, uncut cock!

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