I was sitting to the left of the guy who took this pic at one of the rare drawing groups that allows photos. Thanks to porn star Bennett Anthony!

So 14 years after saying he’s nobody’s favorite, I’m redrawing Toad after seeing him riding Juggernaut in my head pretty much everyday.

Used this great 60 second gesture sketch from life drawing as reference (check out the video!) Hope this reminds me to be looking harder at my sketches while fleshing them out because it’s more fluid and dynamic than the pose in the finished drawing. But don’t worry, I bring the fluids and dynamism back in X-versions here on Patreon.


Click Toad for X-Version if you have a password for the Vault or…

Full version also on my Patreon here.


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    You always make me like Toad so much more than I normally do. And this pose!! I love it! It’s perfect for him!

    • JC says:

      Thanks bud! Yea this one was a constant internal struggle of balancing froggy looks with fuckability- lol. Once I started remembering that one of Toad’s main storylines is just dealing with not really looking like a hot superhero, I was more comfortable with exaggerating his features. And thanks on the pose! I’m so itching to see what it looks like in a pack with all the other villains I’m drawing!

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