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Boys & Their Butts

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Some more work from this show season. Only now am I finally catching my breath and relaxing after about 2 months of art shows and talks and expos and a random weekend of family visits (cringe.) Exhausting but I’ve proven to myself that I can be “on” for weeks on end. I was way more used to online interaction when it comes to the sale and promotion of my work. But ever since my talk at my book signing, I’m loving talking to the public, face to face, about my dirty little drawings of dicks and balls and anuses.

In San Fran right now and was tickled to see my book, Tongue in Cheek at a big store here. Another store had those greeting cards I did ages ago, but that no longer excites me since I’ve seen them everywhere (and the company still owes me money, goddamit.) Oh, also my good friend is on her honeymoon in Paris right now and saw my book there! It’s really great seeing it on shelves so I’ve taken to collecting photos of it on shelves in different stores in different cities. If any of youze see it, take a pic! (Oh, I guess you can send pics of those damn greeting cards too, although seeing them in so many places is bittersweet cuz that company is shiesty.)

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Happy Birthday Sale!

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It was my birthday yesterday. I thought I’d give myself a break and not work as a present… but then I had the idea that a better present would be an assload of new members to my site! So I thought to try my first SALE!

So yes, for the next 30 days, I’m offering a DEEP discount on a 1-Month Membership to Usually the cheapest option I offer is $20, but for a limited time, that’s SLASHED to $9.99!

This is the perfect opportunity for all my watchers who’ve said they really wanted a membership but were just a little short of the cash. Take advantage and check out this piece in its full uncensored monster dong, drippy butt glory! LOL Along with literally HUNDREDS more sexy gay cartoon art pieces by moi!

Current members– feel free to comment on your favorite Members-Only pieces! Vouch for me!

Bulgy Buds: the New Batch!

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So I keep forgetting to post this but I’ve had these guys collecting dust in my cabinets of swag for months now. Back in March, I participated in the Black Party Expo and made a bunch of new BulgyBuds for the event; Leather versions of my OC’s and more renditions of popular characters that queers love.

Full list including the original buddies is HERE.

Order at .

You Want Bulgy Buds!

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Behold my latest perversion. Well, not quite my latest per se. I’ve been drawing these since I was 8. But when I told my friend and fellow illustrator, Julain Lytle about them, he clued me in on something that hadn’t quite entered my head– that these guys were pretty marketable. Specifically he said that girls who go to comic cons would love them. Now, since I kinda “don’t do” comic cons, I thought, how could I translate these for the cons I DO participate in (gay erotica cons?) Thus, Bulgy Buds were born.

These guys are actually made from Shrinky Dinks if you can believe it! Kudos to you if you remember what Shrinky Dinks are. If you don’t suffice to say I had tons of fun making them.

And they seemed to be a big hit at the Black Party Expo, which I just participated in yesterday. I agonized over whether to do only my characters or versions of better known ones. I ended up doing both, and as it turned out, both sold equally!

So yeah, if you like what you see, gwan and order some on I’m doing packs of 3, 5 or 10 for you greedy collectors out there.

Current WIPs

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I’m at one of those awkward moments in my work where everything I’m presently working on is close to being finished but not quite there yet. They’re also all really big projects, so it gets kind of daunting to jump right in and pick them up; which is what I should be doing today. Instead I think I might play Fatal Fury or watch Inspector Gadget on Roku. We’ll see…

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek at all the giant projects I’m working on:

Persuasions: Phase 2 (continuation of your favorite gay toon porn web soap)
Ryu Gets Porked (interactive illustration)

Fap Fantasy (new site section + companion zine of illustration and prose)

Anti-Heroes: Boot Camp (online video game)
This is kind of a big deal for me… revealing my payloads before they’re completed. I usually like surprising you guys. So yeah, appreciate this– LOL! Which project are you dudes most looking forward to?

Blonde Ambition

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So a few days ago, I was delighted to discover this piece in my updates on DeviantArt. One of my favorite artists, Drachea Rannak, did a fan-art of Marq, the main character of my series, Persuasions!

His version of my platinum blonde studly schoolteacher is one of the hottest I’ve ever seen. Drachea Rannak has an anime/manga influenced style but blends a lot of western sensibilities in his drawing. The coloring on his work is always very bright and vibrant so that it feels almost like a still from a high-budget animation. But, perhaps my favorite part of this piece is the body hair rendering. I don’t know how he did it, but each hair looks totally real and totally lickable!

Check out Drachea Rannak’s gallery on DeviantArt. He does way more than just gay hunks. I especially love his Sailor Princess series. And thanks a lot to Drachea Rannak! I will continue to watch you like a HAWK! hehe.