Eff Capcom

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  • February 2, 2007
Warning: Nerdy Rant Below

Yesterday, I caught the review X-Play did on Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. I was really excited to see what they had to say about it because I like X-Play’s in-depth, hard-hitting, no-nonsense game reviews. However, I was dissappointed to see that they gave SFA Anthology the most glossed-over, sugar-coated review ever. All they said was, “We like Street Fighter,” over and over and reminisced about the old games included in SFA Anthology.

Anyone who really likes Street Fighter will not like SFA Anthology because, duh, they already own all the games. I’m sick to death of all these candy-ass reviews heralding SFA Anthology as the best thing since sliced bread. You already own these games! Why go out and buy them again?

Yes, I want a new Street Fighter but I’ll take what I can get, like most Street Fighter fans out there. Give us just a tidbit of new content, and we’ll eat it up– even if 98% of the rest of the game is recycled (cough cough Capcom Fighting Evolution cough).

The supposed new content on this Anthology is apparently the new ISMs. But get this, the new ISMs are only available to certain characters. I was so excited at the possibility of playing with a Marvel-ized version of Blanka or Sagat. But no, we get Ryu. If I wanted to play with the Marvel-ized version of Ryu, I’d pop in X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

Or Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.

Or Marvel vs. Capcom.

Or Marvel vs. Capcom 2!

See my point? We’ve seen it over and over again and if we’re real fans, we OWN the games already!

In addition to that little slap in the face, they also didn’t decide to include the PSP or GBA versions of Alpha 3 which feature new characters and are essentially upgrades to Alpha 3. In truth, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology isn’t really an anthology because these games aren’t included.

I urge anyone who is thinking about buying this game to simply pull out whatever version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 they own and just play that. I mean, it just makes me mad because I want to buy it just to show the world that there are still people who like and want 2D fighters. But I should want to buy it to PLAY it, not to make a statement. And nothing about this game makes me want to play it.

That is all.


  • Digitalmirage says:

    I completly agree with you! I guess that makes a nerd myself, but, meh. I knew that the reviews for Capcom fighting evolution where all BS, but i did really want to see it for myself and i prayed and hoped that i wasnt stiffin myself on the ideal of a recyled game. But alas, i was dissapointed.

    Same thing for the SFanthology. Not worth it, as for every Darkstalker game made after the 3rd version released for PS one.. SAD FACE! Please CAPCOM GIVE US NEW SPRITES!! Use that imagination! *weeps*

    So i very much agree with you. Its a sad world. We must improve it!

  • JC says:

    Hey man. Thanks for hearing me out on this one. I mean– I’m totally prepared for the realization that 2D fighting is over. But I HATE HATE HATE how they try to muster a comeback with lackluster games.

    Man– I just wanted to play Sagat with a giant Tiger Shot a la the Marvel vs. games. Always thought it was a travesty that he was never in any of them. And here, with SFA Anthology, they had the chance to give us that (which, btw, wouldnt have required any new sprite animation) but of course THEY DIDNT.

    I guess they are focusing more on their 3D games– which are apparently critically acclaimed. blah.

  • Digitalmirage says:

    BOOOO them and their critically aclaimed 3d games and neglect of Sagat! Not all 3d games are bad. I have played almost all of them but, common. If they take us to our sprite and bitmap roots, at least they should do it with style, not just kerplop overdone stuff. In my opinion some of the best games are 2d. Darkstalkers being on top, just because im such a fan. Guilty Gear was beauitifully done, Samurai Showdown, King of Fighters (but even their getting lazy and 3d happy.), of course some versions of the SF series. Not all, some really bugged me.

    I know that when and if *fingers crossed* i make a video game, it will be 2D for a very long time, its more artistic to me then 3d. When i get lazy and or run out of idea’s, then it will go 3D.

    Somtimes i just wanna go punch Capcom for their laziness with their classics. Specially the ones they are respewing out, its a damn shame.

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