End of the Year Musings

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  • December 29, 2007
So just a few things to announce / rant about for the end of the year. Firstly, I’ve got some new figure drawing up for youze guys!

Here’s Gonzalo, a real he-man with amazingly bulgy muscular meaty thighs and thick luscious sable locks.

The following week was Brandon who was… very very fuzzy. I had some difficulty with this model’s face which is why you’ll notice I didn’t often draw his head. He had very big features and although he was pretty cute, I had trouble rendering a realistic likeness. So, I just made him a cartoon. In truth, I think it suits him better than any attempt at a realistic likeness.

I’m finding more and more by watching some of the other artists in the group that I have a unique way of blending stylization with realism. Most of the other artists there either work completey realistic or totally stylized.
Anyhoo, let me know what yalls think. Tons more are up on my site here.

The next thing I want to mention is that my previous excitement over the graphics for Street Fighter 4 is now gone. 1up.com has footage of some in-game play and I have to say… it just looks very very polygonal to me. I mean… it kinda doesn’t look any more advanced than say Rival Schools or Street Fighter EX.

Call me a purist but think I’ve rejoined the “Street Fighter works best in 2D” camp. I mean… imagine a high-res, super-high frame rate Street Fighter with traditionally hand-drawn animation in the quality of something like Samurai Champloo. Now THAT would be groundbreaking. But when asked in the latest issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) why didn’t Capcom just make SF4 entirely 2D, Yoshinori Ono, the game’s lead producer said they’ve “done all they can with 2D” and that they “wouldn’t learn anything new.” Pssh, yeah, way to dodge that question, buddy.

Finally, I’d like to babble on about one more thing. My BIRTHDAY is very close to New Years and all my life, it’s been overshadowed by New Years and to some extent, even Christmas. However, I’m excited about THIS new year because it’s 2008 and 8‘s are my lucky numbers. I was born on 01-08-80 and this year, my 28th BIRTHDAY falls on 01-08-08! So my BIRTHDAY is kindof an anagram of my birthdate! Heh heh!

Oh, and by the way… fan-art makes a great
BIRTHDAY present…. ahem… (cough cough!)


  • RDot says:

    Well let me be the first to wish you an early Happy Birfday!! And the figure drawings are hot to say the least…(perhaps u should use them as characters or at least inspiration for some later on)

    And no wonder u seem hip..you’re only 28..well will be…i’m an 81 baby myself.

    and alas…i gave up on drawing as a kid…my art was waaaay too…uh..well, bad. lol. i had a penchant for overly muscled guys(they looked liked marshmellows) and women that looked like fashion designs…..but boy did they get it on…lol and i was like 6 or 7( drawing dicks…been a perv since birth)…i’ve been rambling..perhaps I can write out a scenario for you to later illustrate(like that Caleb/Preston pairing? ;))

  • Chubtoons says:

    Hehe. I feel so freak’n old around here now. I’ll be a decade older than you this July. Oh, well. At least I’m young at heart.

    As for the figure drawings, they are so marvelous. You capture just enough of the realism to make the stylish toonishness “pop” off the page. You should do some figure drawings of real guys and then embellish them into your current line-up of characters. Kinda like Alex Ross does.

    And Have a sweet bithday!


  • Jubell says:

    Oooh Happy Birthday coming up…yes. Stuff.

    I was just able to read Anti-Heroes for the first time recently. Yes, I did of course buy the issues directly from your shop ^_^

    I have to say that I love it and really would like to see more. From the first page where you drew that castle that I SWEAR looks like the Tower of Power from the Captain N cartoon I was kinda hooked on it. I was put off at first because there were more allusions to sex than there was actual drawings of it.

    But then I kinda got that picture that that was what you were going for and I said “Oh! Okay, so this is an EROTIC comic” and was able to enjoy it. When I bought it I wasn’t sure WHAT I was getting, but I saw your blog and liked your art so I said “Let’s give it a try!”

    I like how the group you focus on is actually a gathering of villains in a way. I know they’re supposed to personify the image of the “Anti-hero” but…come on Caleb seems to want to rule the universe with mystical artifacts. I’m seeing a Doctor Doom set up emerging there.

    I also adore Tai and love Princess Toni. Even though I’m not sure why she and Bug are all buddy buddy in episode 2 and they hated each other in Episode 1. Regardless. I did fanart for her!


    So anywho your comic has definately charmed me and I totally want to get issue three! What’s the hold up on that one?

    I’ll be around! Keep up the good work! (You may hate the fanart…so I warn you now I’m not the best artist on the planet.)

  • JC says:

    Yes, RDOT, I’m the hippest mufugga in gay erotic internet land– HAHAH. j/k. I’m really not. My idea of a rip-roaring evening lately is DVR’ed Smurfs and a 100 piece puzzle.

    That’s so cool that u also drew porn when u were a kid! Me too! PERVS UNITE!

    Hey Chubtoons– thanx for stoppin’ by. Yeah, one of these weeks wen the model bores me, I’ll definetely turn him into one of my hotter characters… oh yeah– with all their embellishments and exxagerations– haha!

    Hiya Jubell! That Toni pic is OUTSTANDING! You’re really good! You captured her perfectly! Her flat chest and beautiful flaxen locks and that “come hither” expression are all expressed well in your drawing! Thanks so much for doing it!

    I’m also glad that you “get” the book. The Anti-Heroes are definetely not supposed to be typical superheroes and yes, they are all former villians. Or more accurately– representations of how I think people really would act if endowed with crazy powers.

    LOL @ your reaction to Toni + Bug in #2. Yeah, I am trying to get the point across that Toni does not behave like a typical hostage. It’s more likely that SHE has the upper hand in the situation. But I feel like since she and Bug both have a common goal in getting even with the Anti-Heroes, they try to work together.

    #3 is on the way! I cant wait to start showing you guys becasue it is my best one yet! It’s mostly about Caleb but the other characters have some hilarious and super-sexy moments.

    Thanks so much for commenting and HUGE thanks for the Toni pic!

  • Keith says:

    I like Gonzalo a lot, especially in the first pic. Happy New Year, JC, and happy birthday!

  • Reikro says:

    Hey JC

    First off Happy New Year!

    I haven’t been posting comments on any blogs recently, just been so extremely busy, and I’m readying my own blog for reopening soon, so it’s all been a bit hectic.

    When I saw those pics of Gonzalo I simply had to comment. That second pic is honestly one of the most sensual and hottest pics I have seen in a very long time! It must have been a real treat drawing him.

    Using the unique and very original “Reikro scoring table” of 0~10, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I’m going to give it a very rare and highly commendable score of 10.

    2008 Will also be a year I will be celebrating my birthday, I say so because I was born on 29 February, which only comes along every 4 years, and 2008 happens to be a leap year. Anyway, if I don’t comment again before the 8th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Lots of Love
    Reikro XOXOX

  • nakedmonk says:

    i love those figure drawings… thanks.

  • Joseph says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JC! Shame on me, I nearly passed it, it’s the fanart gift of White Wabbit that alerted me! I have to say in my defense that I’m not used to the U.S. date reading: 01/08/08 means in Belgium First of August 2008. Anyway, hope you’ll have a blast in any party you’ll attend ;°) & that in this year your dreams will accomplish and your worries vanish. (and that Persuasions will soon be back, selfish wish, I know, so screw me, er I mean sue me or whatever ;°P)

  • JC says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Keith, Reikro, NakedMonk, and Joseph! Yes, Gonzalo was very… inspiring! He oozed masculinity from every pore!

    Reikro– I’ll be all over that blog once it’s up, dude! And happy early birthday!

    And Joseph– Persuasions is definetely slated to make a comeback this year! It’ll be more sexy and scandalous than ever!

  • batsu says:

    happy new year and happy birthday!

  • James says:

    conrad was all right, but i wish i’d had gonzalo!

    it was awesome meeting you last night! i am definitely a fan of your work 😀

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