The Buzz Begins

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  • December 7, 2007
So– about a month ago, Capcom released this promo vid for Street Fighter 4.

It looked really cool, but we had to keep in mind that it WASN’T any indication of in-game play. This week, however, they’ve released a screenshot and MAAAN, it’s startin’ to look good! And I’m not just talkin’ bout Ryu’s bulge either (haha!) Apparently, gameplay will remain 2D based while the sprites and backgrounds will be polygonal.

Usually, I don’t like 3D characters but given the amazingly stylized treatment of this image, I’m going to have to make an exception. It looks as though they’re going for a real painterly look here. That’s something that I always really loved about the series– the art. It was always beautifully stylized, cutting-edge stuff. So let’s hope that Capcom can pull this off. Because if they can, I for one will be overjoyed at the revival of my favorite game series.


  • MajorTom says:

    That’s a pretty impressive bulge, considering video games generally focus on female breast-cleavage and rarely on the male package (although I guess this is the same company that brought us Zangief).

    What does everyone predict? Will Ryu’s man-globe be fixed in place, or will it bounce around as he kicks ass?

  • MajorTom says:



    Have you ever done any fan-boy art of Street Fighter characters? Some animations like those X-Men ones you did where the clothes just fade away would be pretty intriguing! I wouldn’t mind to see what those big boys T. Hawk, Zangief, and Sagat have to offer (not to mention Ken, Ryu, and Guile, since they’re all kind of cute). Even more – answer the question we’ve all been wondering – does *every* part of Dhalsim stretch to great lengths?

  • RDot says:

    WoW!! This game looks absolutely amazing!1 i am now goign to have to finally buy a next gen system…which one is best?

  • JC says:

    Yeah, MajorTom, Capcom was good for nice bulges in their fighters. Dudley, Iceman, Wolverine Gambit, and old-school Zangief has impressive ones– haha! (I mean– for a video game.) But I predict that the buzz around this particular bulge will prompt the designers to censor it as much as possible.

    And yeah– I do have a bit of Street Fighter fan-art on my site. I did Blanka recently and Nash/Guile some time ago. As for Dhalsim– if I ever draw him, u better believe his wang’ll stretch like everything else. “YOGA-POKE!” haha

    Yeah, It does look cool RDot– but we’ll see. Actually this will determine which system I buy. Whichever has the best version of the game i mean. Butt… it also depends on whether I want to side with HD-DVD or BluRay. Yeah, right now, I think I’m gonna just wait and see.

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