Locker Room Studs

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  • January 5, 2009

Ever go to the gym and spot a hot guy checking you out? Does he follow you from machine to machine, surreptitiously glancing at you here and there? Does he conveniently end his workout at the same time as you end yours and follow you into the locker room? Does he brazenly undress in front of you, subconsciously begging your semi to become as engorged as his?

SUCH is the subject of this latest illo, a collaborative work with Fabrissou. He drew my character Marq while I drew his character Francis. Fabrissou is one of my favorite artists. His DeviantArt page has some of his more general work while his Y!Gallery displays his super-hot erotic material. What I love about Fabrissou is that he draws very masculine men– but renders them in very adorably. You just want to pinch their cheeks and zerbert their stomachs! Cocky version on my site.


  • Anonymous says:

    love both your styles!!! so cute and you really do wanna pinch their cheeks!!!

  • FMX says:

    LOL I try my best not to look at the guys at the gym…out of respect…or whatever, but sometimes I just can’t help it. I am only human. te-he

  • Jeremy Feist says:

    You just want to pinch their cheeks and zerbert their stomachs! You mean their face? Either way really. I totally love this drawing. You’ve just convinced me to go buy a gym membership.

  • RDot says:

    you know…i met a guy at the gym before….and well, i..things happened. lol. hot pic.

  • JC says:

    Ah yes– gay sex at the gym. I love how whenever we congregate anywhere it becomes a cruising spot. Gay men fucking ROCK.

    BTW, my little story at the beginning was hot, huh? I’m going to get back into the erotic writing thing, I think…

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