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  • April 26, 2009

Mortimer Toynbee— or Toad, as most of us know him, was never one of my favorite villains in the X-Men universe. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to draw a cute fan-art of him because he’s an X-Men staple, and when written / drawn well, he can be a pretty cool addition to the wide wonderful super mutant world. There’s a gooey nudie version on my site in the Fan-Boy section. Here’s the thumbnail!

The thing about him is, I like different aspects of him from different X-Men media. Like, I like the retooling of his powers in X-Men the first motion picture, his look and personality in X-Men Evolution, and his voice actor in Pryde of the X-Men. The fact that so many different perfectly valid instances of this one character exist got me to thinking about one of my main gripes with the franchise in general.

My problem is and has always been the inconsistency with different instances of the same character. I used to go on these huge rants about how goth Rogue in X-Men Evolution is wrong, or how non-speaking Storn in Wolverine and the X-Men is wrong, or how broken-english, slow-acting Colossus in every media that’s not the comics is wrong.

I’ve now come to finally realize that depending on the interpreter, the characters in the series can be written and drawn ANY FRIKKIN’ WAY THEY WANT. Nowadays there is no one correct way to interpret X-Men. They can be as far away from their original iteration as possible and it’s PERFECTLY OKAY.

Wolverine can be the level-headed leader. Cyclops can be the loose cannon. Emma can be the mom. Storm can… not exist. You can’t get mad anymore– the characters are more like… guidelines. You can’t say “Oh, Nightcrawler would never do that.”

I know this may seem kinda obvious to some of you but I was kinda hung-up on what I saw as bad interpretations of my favorite comic series– even modern issues of the comic series itself. Am I over it? Nah– but I think I much better understand why it’s happened now. And to cope, I’ll just continue to draw them all gay with drippy dicks.


  • Anonymous says:

    Marvel thinks they will get away with that but not with me I rant about it all the time.

    personally I never go to any of the x-men shows for comic or character accuracy

    The only cartoon that came close to the comics was the x-men 90’s series

    and it still had its flaws

    I think wolverine could be a leader. durring the australian outback x-men he was pretty much second in command (storm being the leader)

    I do have one complaint with the wolverine and the x-men series and that would be cyclops behaving like a loose cannon who doesn’t play by the rules

    but I guess you have to make do with what you get

    ps. toad never really interested me but I like the female characters more though

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah I could do with out Toad lol

    But great work

    Hope to see more x-men art

  • JC says:

    I feel u. But there’s no such thing as character accuracy. It all depends on the interpreter– and what makes one guy’s interpretation more accurate than someone else’s?

  • dreamerboy6 says:

    It’s a good thing I don’t know the original comics as well as I’d like to. If I did, I’d probably be the most psycho canon queen ever. I’d be screaming, “Wolverine would never do that!” I always LOVED the X-Men like crazy, but in retrospect that probably had way more to do with how effin’ hot Wolverine was. I’ll never forget seeing the scenes where he was almost nude, being given his adamantium skeleton. He was my first big, hairy muscle stud toon. And to this day he’s the character I feel like I know the best. Level-headed leader soo doesn’t seem his thing. Now if the situation demanded his unique bad-ass personality, sure… he’d be a great leader. But level-headed? Nahhh….

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