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A Deck of Dicks!

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In my family, everyone older than me is a true card shark. So I grew up constantly losing in Spades, Spit and Poker. But it made me into the card freak I am today. I’ve collected sets of playing cards for as long as I can remember.

I’ve also always been into making my own decks. In 6th grade I made this kickass Tiny Toons set. And in high school I did an X-Men set in the style of 8-bit Mega Man. But these were always just drawings on bristol. I’ve never gotten a set of cards with my drawings professionally printed up… UNTIL NOW!

That’s right, this is a full 54 count deck of standard playing cards, each featuring a hot, raunchy, gay-as-hell piece of artwork by yours truly!

Supplies are limited, so get ’em now! Better order 2 decks– one to play with and one to… “play” with.

Get Bent!

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Hello gays. I’ve just received printed copies of an awesome project some of us queer artists have been working on. It’s called Bent Comix!

Bent is a community of other gay artists with whom I’ve recently joined to create this cute lil’ sampler of our work! The book is 5 x 7.5, digest size, and 40 pages long. 10 artistic teams contributed 4 pages each to this monster. They are:

I’m so proud to share pages with the likes of this crew. These are some truly gifted gays, everyone. So please support us and our cause (to turn all you fuckers into raving gay sluts) and purchase a copy of the Bent Comix Sampler. I’m selling it in my shop by itself for $5 or as a FREE companion to Anti-Heroes #3. Get it while it’s hot… and sticky!

Tunnel Vision

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I’m proud to announce that I was recently chosen to contribute a piece for TimeOut New York! TimeOut is a comprehensive arts and entertainment resource found on newstands as a printed magazine and on the web at .

The piece is for their “horny” issue in which the features are more sex-related than usual. The article I appear in is entitled “Musée d’Horné,” on Page 16 of the printed magazine and can be found online here. Basically, they got 5 local artists to submit a sexy piece and then got a panel of sexperts to judge each pieces’ effectiveness.

The three panelists who judged my piece are: Pet Silvia, Legs Malone, and Billy Eichner. You can click each of their names here to be taken to their sites… just to have a bit of background on their credentials. ^__^

And by the way, as a friendly response to one of the comments: The very same day this issue came out, I was on a crowded train and was treated to one of the more blatant displays of public affection I’d ever seen. The girl was in a summery skirt, no underwear, and the boy was in sweatpants, also no underwear. They were looking around nervously but noted only me watching so they totally started to go at it. They began making out– heavily. He sucked her neck while she fondled him through his pants. When he got visibly hard, he looked around again to see if anyone was paying attention. Naturally, I continued to stare, with a bit of a “wtf” expression on my face. This (I think) prompted the young couple to get off the train at the next stop. Also, this very same issue of TimeOut has an article about how NYC is a public sex wonderland.