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Warning: Ranty X-Men Diatribe Below

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I’ve made no secret of my lack of love for the Academy X characters.

(ROLL OVER Julian for the twinky naked version!)

There were just way too many of them and too many of them had redundant or unimaginative powers and looks. Also, I resented that they got the “full-fledged major player” treatment so early in their creation while Gen X got the shaft. So I never collected their “New X-Men” books simply because I didn’t believe they deserved that monicker.

But as you can see, here I’m including Mercury, Hellion, and Pixie, prominent Academy X characters. Yes, I have had somewhat of a change of heart. I think Marvel’s decision to either kill or all the worst ones was a bad idea. I try to emote along with the characters I read, so it just feels pretty horrible that nearly an entire cast was murdered due to what’s seen as an editor’s mistake. Yea, letting all those Academy X squads spring up like weeds was a mistake, but killing over half of them was a worse mistake.

So I am warming up to these guys because, as characters, they’ve been through a lot. No one deserves to have over half of your graduating class murdered. And indeed, some of the characters express this sentiment.

“All we seem to do well is die.” I think Rockslide said that… Well not in my U, kids!

Kemonomimi Fun!

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And not that I can’t draw Sonic from memory (because I went through a phase in my adolescence where he was kinda ALL I drew) but when I quickly Google Imaged “Sonic,” this pic to the right was one of the FIRST images to come up. The drawing is phenomenal in its own right, but the audio bonus track very much makes this the best thing on the Internet… ever.

Bucky, You Naughty Boy

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In Erotic Figure Drawing this week, the 2 models were both guys I’d drawn previously. One is a cute little pocket-gay and the other is a tall hulking mastodon of hairy beef. I figured I’d better make this class because these guys together will make for some interesting drawings! Upon telling my friends the news, they all suggested I turn the drawings into famous “daddy/boy” “big guy/little guy” pairings. And so here you have… Cap and Bucky!

For this pose, both the little guy and big guy sat on chairs covered in cloth. Little guy tweaked big guy’s nipple while big guy (who was super oral) tongued little guy’s neck and face. At first, I was bummed that from my angle, I couldn’t see little guy’s cock. But midway through the pose, big guy’s cock started standing up at attention, entrancing all of us that had such a pleasant view.

The FULL CUMMY STIFF COCK VERSION of this piece is up in Anti-Heroes.Net > Members Gallery > Fan-Art… enjoy!

Figure Drawing: Victor Steele

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I’ve got a big chunk of figure drawing for you dudes today featuring Eric, or as most of us know, Victor Steele, porn actor extraordinaire. Each of these are done with graphite and water soluble oil pastels. The pastel goes on the watercolor paper like crayon, but if you add a wet brush to that, you can get something that looks a little like watercolor.

Why are there so many of these up? Well, this is what I’ve amassed from three seperate non-consecutive figure drawing sessions with Victor. Over the months, I drew many other models in between the 3X I drew Victor. But I thought, since I’ve compiled so many of these pieces featuring the same model, I might as well post them all together. This is only 10 of the 20 I have up on > Members Gallery > Figure Drawing.

As I am a slut and usually don’t like to draw the same model more than once, the fact that I’ve drawn Victor Steele 3X is pretty unusual for me. I think this is because I really enjoy drawing him. I’ve come up with a caricature that I think works.

He’s so fun to draw because his body is somewhat deceptive. He’s got the muscle tone of a virile, strapping young man but at the same time, he is also quite slender and dare I say, even graceful! He does not have that default super-hero bod I always draw. He’s got an elegant swan-like neck and gorgeously toned, lithe body.

And of course it doesn’t hurt that he has a big dick, as well!

I know no man likes to be called elegant or graceful, and I wish there more manly words to describe what I meant. Rest assured, Victor Steele seems really masculine. He is a former Marine and served for a pretty long time. I can’t remember exactly how many years he said but it was enough to make me be like “wow.”

Once he said that, his perfect posture made so much more sense. People who’ve served in the U.S. military always have amazing posture. For the pose above, he stood at attention for 20 minutes.

Also, he actually posed a few times in his official Marine Corps uniform! We were all dumbfounded and drooling. Later on, I asked him, “Um… is that even legal… posing in your uniform?” He replied in the most serious tone ever, “Why wouldn’t it be? It’s my uniform.” I love that answer.

I think he lives in my hood as I see him all the time at my local bar. I’ve also seen him gogo-ing at the Cock. I was caught staring, so I went over and spoke to him. I said, “You are really hot but every time I see you, all I can see is my crayon cartoon version of you.” He laughed.


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Because, of course, since I don’t already have enough characters (heh heh) here’s some new ones for ya!

 I could never really put into words how I felt about furry. 8 or so years ago, I guess it kinda turned me off… but I couldn’t help but marvel at the work of some of the furry artists. Slowly but surely, some furry pieces here and there would cause a bit of a stir in my pants. And now, in my perverted old age (22– heh heh!) I’m completely into it!

 So yes, Layup is a series of sexy anthro men who play in a sexy anthro b-ball league! Tangle is the first one I drew. It was a little tricky drawing a bunny who’s not Buster or Babs, but hopefully I succeeded in making him look different than them. Next up was SilverMoon. I knew I wanted to tackle a wolf early on because they’re a mainstay of all great furry artists. And lastly came Ridge, the boar, simply because I wanted to do a species that I don’t really see that often. Of the 3, I’m leaning toward Ridge as my fave. Don’t forget to rollover each char for the stiff dong version. Special thanks to KittMouri for the names.

There will be more Layup boys, for sure, but I’ll introduce them intermittently. So don’t worry, I’ve not become a furries-only artist. Just wanted to show you guys just how wild I can get. 😛

Figure Drawing: Luc

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The one thing that remains consistent with these live drawing sessions is that my expectations are ALWAYS WRONG.
Case in point: I was pleased to find the photo of this week’s model, Luc in my e-mail inbox. Thin, young, and smooth, he was lying on a bed, draped in white linens, which only covered a small section of his flacid uncut peepee. So, I packed up my pink construction paper and geared up for a night of barely legal twink-themed fun.

I don’t know what the deal was but if you put that picture next to the guy I drew that night, you would not think they were he same dude. Either that pic was several years outdated or Luc just recently hit puberty. Granted, he was still thin and smooth– but his face… was just way more masculine than in that pic. He had a big ol’ man chin! It totally threw my twink mindset off.

And yeah, he had a humongous dong. Like huge. You guys know me, I don’t normally get freaked by big cocks. But this one really surprised me– not because of his build– cuz I’ve seen plenty of twinks with huge cocks. It surprised me cuz in that pic, it was SOOO tiny!

So, me, wanting to be true to this model, drew a kinda svelte, kinda young, square jawed man… with a gargantuan boner. But the other artists weren’t having it. They came to draw a boy and by-golly they drew Luc as boyish as possible! I dunno, maybe that’s just how he looked in their eyes. But some artists totally made up his dick out of their heads, drawing it much, much smaller than it was. Shit, if I was modeling and someone drew my dick an eighth of it’s size, I’d be kinda pissed.

And no, teddy is not made up. During set-up between poses, one of the artists says jokingly to the director, “So when are you gonna break out the teddy bear?” The director replies, “Should I? I did bring one…” And sure enough, the director brings out a teddy bear for Luc to cuddle while jerking off.

In the end, the class was full of drawings of little boys, and many of the artists were somewhat disturbed by them, claiming they’re going to have to shred them. Not wanting to take them home, Anthony sold a couple of his drawings right there on the spot.
And I guess mine were boy-ISH, but not nearly as shota-tastic as the rest. In fact, a few people noted that my drawings of Luc looked a little like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Hence the “Zoinks.” 4 up here, 4 more in Figure Drawing on Anti-Heroes.Net .

More Birthday Hunks

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Here are the rest of the first wave of birthday cards I’m doing. The gag lines are not mine. I just designed and drew the characters. Remember to rollover each card for the inside image or joke. Who’s the cutest?!

Oh– and I have a few other news items to mention!

1) Patrick Fillion has done an issue of Boytoons on ANTI-HEROES #3! Check it out!

2) I have to give props to my web developer, Christine So. She does great work– if any of you need web help!

3) I WANT GAMES! All I have are the 2 that I’ve had forever– the Dress-Up game and the Baku Block game. If anyone knows who I can work with to get some web-games (either Flash or Javascript) of my Anti-Heroes up, please let me know. I’m a good client to work for. I pay! haha.

Ok, that is all.

Figure Drawing: Persuasions

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I’ll make this confession: I am very very behind in keeping you dudes up to date on the erotic figure drawing sessions I’ve been attending. One reason for this is because the workshops are weekly and it’s just really hard to keep up. The other reason is that I like to have a backlog of material for the blog and my site– particularly in times of… uncreativeness.

And so yeah, I kindof don’t remember the model from which these were based. All I remember is that I probably wasn’t really attracted to him, which is why I turned each of his poses into a hot Persuasions character!


5 more featuring Marq, Preston, Drakaar, Bruce, & Milan in the Members Gallery of my site.