I have a few younger siblings and growing up, we were all into toys. But the problem was, they never made toys of the things we liked. So for as long as I can remember, I’ve made paper dolls for myself and my sibs.

I remember some of the really early ones I did were freaky. Like for instance, when I was like 8, I made my own Masters of the Universe paper dolls. I don’t have them anymore but I remember they had really short legs and big loin cloths. I also made some of the KoopaKids and made up a mom for them who was basically Jessica Rabbit with a turtle head. My parents saw that and were grossed out.

In my teen years, I got really into it and started laminating them so when we played with them they wouldn’t tear. I came across them recently while going through my old stuff. These are of Mega Man and Street Fighter characters. I took liberties on some of the characters and in a lot of cases, drew them how I wished they looked.

The link to all these guys is here:

Geez, don’t you hate it when you go to a porn blog and get all excited to see that there’s a new post only to get let down when it’s some crap that’s not porn? HAW HAW. I’ll post somethin’ sexy next time– promise.


  • dreamerboy6 says:

    Wow! This entry is so cool! It’s so awesome to get to see some of your early work! How fun are all of those?! ^_^ Man, so awesome. Some of those Street Fighter ones are hot too! I really like Zangief, heheh. πŸ™‚ Awesome post!

  • Adam G says:

    Hey these are cool paperdolls. Love the chibi streetfighters, pity you lost the masters of the universe ones. I would really liked to see them. You should do an x-men collection :3

    hehe Acturally I think its worser to look for a porn blog but finds only two crappy sketches and an emo piece of writing….

    < <

    I failed!

    *disembowels himself with a pencil*

  • JC says:

    Thanks, Dreamerboy. I like showing old stuff becasue I like to see my progression over the years. Also, there’s something about stuff I did when I was younger that has such a frivolous, playful quality about it. Maybe becasue I wasn’t doing it for cash or self-promotion back then– it was purely for fun…

    You liked Chibi Zangief!? hehe! I thought my chibi Guy was hot.

    Hey Adam. I actually did do X-MEn– quite a few series actually. Once I did chibi ones in the style of classic NES megaman– with like dot eyes and everything. Then I did grown ones and took a lot of liberties on a few of the characters. Like, I merged Mystique and Domino, designed a new costume for the char, and made her an X-Man. Also did the same to Jubilee and Boom Boom. I was crazy.

    Aaaand, I take it you are referring to your own blog in your 2nd paragraph. Don’t lament dude– just post more porn. People like porn– in sketch or emo literature form. πŸ™‚

  • Digitalmirage says:

    I think that those dolls came out way nice, i used to do that myself when i was younger, infact i would even make my own dolls out of tooth picks, somtimes, tissue. But then i decided to draw then and then make them all kinds of clothes. But the sad part is i dont think i saved them like you. kinda sad.

  • Patrick says:

    Hiya JC…

    I adored this posting. πŸ™‚ It was a really fun look at your past! And your Street Fighter paper dolls were wonderful! You’re so creative!!!

    It’s cute because when I was younger, I used to make paper dolls of my favorite X-Men and my own characters because there were no toys of them already out there. One time, my dad (who is a carpenter amongst many things) surprised me by taking some of my paper dolls and pasting them on wood cut outs which he made. The cut outs were the exact shape of the paper dolls, so they stood up and made me feel like they were kinda like action figures. I had a Storm in her classic costume that followed me EVERYWHERE!

    I think it’s so wonderful that you still have some of these treasures from your past. I wish I still did too, but alas, too many moves in one lifetime have left certain things lost forever! Sigh!

    An awesome post, my friend! Thank you for sharing and bringing back some wonderful memories for so many of us! Now I wanna play with your paper dolls, ’cause I never had no Street Fighters when I was a kid! LOL!!!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  • Endane says:

    dude, those dolls are just so cuuuuteee!! i like them a looot, i also used to make some, and i still do, just for fun or decoration, but dude, i had a loot of them, then, all where laminated, i was happy because as young i played with them, now they where old memories about all the games i had with them, the fun, and everything,i think was lucky because my parents allways had a lot of money, the gave me a lot of toys, but never used them, i prefered my paper dolls because i did them myself, but just a month or two ago some damn cousins, they are demons, really, just like, i have one of these expencive statues that after some years may have a value of 1000 dollars or more, they wanted to “make it fly”
    well, they came, saw the laminated dolls and said “uh, these are ugly, i am better than u” graved the scissors and bye bye, before i could stop them, dude, u can gues how i became with them, but of course, when they saw me mad they called their parents and mine and ok, it was all my fault and tried to blame them, i couldnt go to my bf party -_-
    now am making more, (like if they could reeplace those old memories of my childhood”
    its nice u still have yours, is cute and u can show it to your siblings, i like the knioght man, charge man, paraoh man, skull man and magnet man, the cutest ones!! haha

  • JC says:

    Hey Digitalmirage– yeah bummer you didn’t hold on to them. I actually don’t have any from before my mid-teens either, although I know I made them. I was much more disposable about my work when I was a kid. Now I save everything– haha!

    Hey, Patrick. That’s so sweet and awesome that your dad made the wood backing for your X-Men! I always hear so much about people’s parents not being supportive of their art, so it’s refreshing to hear about that.

    Glad you liked the post– I get so worried whenever I wanna talk about something non-gay-cartoon-porn related (here or even on my main site.) I guess I figure, it’s the erotic stuff that brought people here– so I should continue to constantly deliver. And when I talk aout non-porn shit, I worry that people feel tricked. I’m probably over-thinking it. Thanks for the support.

    Hello Endane. I actually have a similar story of a cousin ruining a piece of art. One time I painstakingly made Voltron out of Lego and my cousin destroyed it! LOL!

    I’m glad you recognized my MegaMan characters. Classic MegaMan is the best! ttyl.

  • Adam G says:

    Hey JC, sorry for the late reply. Yeah I’ll try to draw/write more porn if I can. It’s just that there are so many distractions around (xmas, noisy neighbours(Karaoke and DIY!), bigot people.)

    Oh and don’t worry about people not liking your non-porn entries. It is nice to hear the “human side” of an artist from time to time. (That is why web art communities usually have journals.)

    If you just posted art, I think you would just be a robot. Just try to balance it out and you won’t have a problem.

    Take care

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